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  1. ok no worries man :) thanks any ways
  2. You'd have to talk to Vivica about it since he's an admin, all I can do is ban people and delete posts
  3. Yo popwar, are you a mod by any chance breh?? I got my brother into skating and he wants to join the forum. His username is cdawg but he cant post yet??
  4. Haha, I know it's always been a bitch when WhiteTrash and I wanted to play GTA or Skate 3. I'm usually playing video games here from about 11pm-4am though. I rarely play during the day unless it's raining/have the day off.
  5. dang, your like 14 hours behind our time hahaha, my gamertag is calsmal2145
  6. Bl00drocuted
    Those are 2 zeros, yeah just message me any time to play I'm always down. I play from around 10 or 11pm until about 4am Central time US
  7. cool man, if you ever want to play give me your gamertag breh, literally none of my mates play this here in aus for some reason.
  8. Yep
  9. Yo dude do u have skate 3? I just renewed my xboxlive subscription.
  10. I wish it snowed where I live just once (never seen snow haha), got my thunders now :) Ill just wait for a while before I file them down though
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