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  1. I feel he and I are similar in thought processes. But yeah I've only soldered like guitar pickups and easy little prepackaged circuit boards with large transistors and caps. Nothing as small as a mobo
  2. he drops some pretty good life lessons too

    i did some electronics in school but it was all pretty basic stuff like lamps, alarm clocks, basic games like those ones where you move a stick with a circle on the end over a metal wire and try not to hit it or itll buzz (cant remember the fucking name of it) etc but it was all pretty fun. was never too good at soldering either
  3. I have a mbp so it's awesome to watch. All his stuff is great from his rant and talk videos to repair. Makes me wanna get a better soldering iron and fuck around
  4. finally someone recognises the avy fuckin love that dude

    i couldnt give a fuck about MBP repair but i still watch them all
  5. Lol rossman avy
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