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  1. Yeah that has to be hands down my favorite part of rick and morty, that or when Morty is in the life simulation game.
  2. your sig makes me smile :D
  3. and when i say long time i mean, a year or 2
  4. Sorry Yeah ive been way busy on stuff. Ya' know watching my niece, and planning my wedding and stuff. I mean the whole wedding thing isnt gonna happen for a real long time. But its better to plan it now that way im not in dept when it finally happens. (i doubt that i will have a big wedding, might just get married at court and have a reception) But im happily engaged, and no SBC isnt the groom. You'll see me lurking threads, and rarely posting.
  5. Wuts this I hear you are getting married and SB-C is not the groom?
  6. my friend lent me a CD. I guess its a 64 bit, i mean, the only problems ive had with it, is that it isnt running any of my steam games. and not loading youtube videos.
  7. whats your operating system? if the cd came packaged with the computer then it should be proper.
  8. The OS? I had and installation CD for it.
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