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  1. I actually have not been the most attentive either, but it's cool to see that you still chose to hang about, I have been considering to do the same. How have you been doing the past few months? Busy, from what you say, obviously.
  2. Yeah. First time logging on in the past four months or so. I'll be on a bit more now. I finally managed to free up some time, so actually I may be on everyday for a bit I don't have much to do.
  3. Sorry for my inactivity as well, the past few months have been...Well, difficult and very needy of my attention. Two months of not talking is a bit much, but I do hope we get to chat a bit more even despite this little falling out over time restraints, heh.
  4. Nah, well I do, but my PS3 is broken and that's also why I haven't been online. How are you?
  5. Mate, do you have GTA V? I need a mate to keep myself entertained with on the Online.
  6. Yeah? Shit has been going down with 'em?
  7. Nah, been riding around with my homies on bikes and boards, trying to get things right with my parents..
  8. Damn right. But now you hit me, what have you been up to? Except of moving, did anything interesting happen?
  9. Sounds like a plan!
  10. Yeah I hope so, 'cause since I started my skating experience was not more than a little taste. I would love to start improving so I can hit some spots around here.
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