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  1. Here it is:
    The pictures are still kinda big, but you could make them smaller if you want.
    And yeah, having CW rights would be nice, since I would like to post more content on my purchases and such.
  2. Stick it in the shoe forum and send me a link.
    If you have pictures it would be useful to have a full size and a smaller thumbnail size (examples per my recent Bones Reds article whereby clicking on the thumbnails shows the images full size).

    I'll post it on the main page under your name.
    If you want to do stuff more frequently we can think about giving you CW rights.
  3. Yea I've got 4 pictures, but they may need to be resized or something. Where do I submit it at?
  4. As long as it's well written and has some half decent pictures to go with it.
    (Video would be wicked as well if you think you'd be up for it, but obviously not essential.)
  5. Hey, it is possible for me to do a review on Dekline Mason shoes, and put it in the reviews section? Back in December I made a review on the Shoes section and like nobody saw it haha. I'll add some stuff as well if you want me to. Thanks.
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