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  1. Yeah that seems dope ill try to get up there to embassy sometime.
  2. its chill, they have hella different brands there. The best thing about it tho is probably the shoe wall, and they sell good clothes too. it can get expensive real quick tho haha
  3. I loke old school alot ive never been to emabssy though wally the guy who owns old skool is pretty cool. Ive never been to embassy whats it loke there.
  4. aye i've heard of old school I've seen their stickers around. I usually go to embassy tho
  5. Oh i usually go to old skool in westerville. How about you?
  6. Yeah i live around the deleware area it sucks and the good spots I always get kicked out. But i will make sure to check instrument. Its cool to see some other columbus skaters.
  7. yea spots around here are really scarce. I wish I lived closer to downtown cause there's hella spots + hella skaters always coming through. yea playfactory is tight tho I swear they've hit every spot around here haha. you should check out instrument tho, they're out of cincinati but they skate columbus a lot, and some of the guys on the team are always at skated naked. - thats the youtube of one of their filmers he makes a lot of sweet edits
    but what skateshop do you usually go to?
  8. Nice ,yeah i didnt have school either. i have heard of play factory But only on their youtube cannel. And i have not heard of instrument. What is it. And the spots where i live seriously suck!
  9. yea i just got done shoveling. didn't have school so im stoked but yea I wish there were more parks and spots to skate. have you heard of playfactory or instrument?
  10. Yeah. Only once tho. We just got a lot of snow. I should go sometime this week. Lol
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