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  1. just the posts totally gone and whatever that entails - no need to totally delete the account

    thx again m8
  2. Sorry mate - haven't been on much.
    Do you want your ACCOUNT deleting so that all your posts remain but are simply labelled as being made by Guest?
    Or do you actually want the posts themselves removing?

    Let me know and i'll sort it out for you.
  3. :(
  4. yessir. I'll even bake you a cake as thanks :^)
  5. I guess... You paranoid weirdo!
    You're absolutely sure yeah?
  6. idk if you check your pms or not but I was wondering if you could delete all my posts

    thanks m8
  7. </3

    it only took like a half hour
  8. Stop it now...

    (although props on the time that must have gone into all the gifs!)
  9. Hey Vivica I was wondering if you could change my name to PlanC. Everyone including myself hates my current username.
  10. come onnnnnnnn :(
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