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  1. i miss you
  2. Just don't be a dildo that comes here and rides the ducks, fuck the duck.
  3. I know haha but realized how long I've been so close by without visiting so figured why not. Itinerary is pretty unclear at the moment, any recommendations?
  4. What is your itinerary for your Seattle visit? You probably picked worst time of the year to visit, it's grey weather season.
  5. hmm okay
  6. You should remod me so I can do animate signatures again.
  7. They would of wanted me to go to Everett Washington any time they wanted when I would of been managing a spot in Seattle.

    I am not fond of Everett as I feel like it's probably the shittiest part of our state, next to Tacoma Washington.

    The cops in Everett told me to never come back like 4-5 times just because of skateboarding, so it's not worth it to me.
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