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  1. Same old SB-C right? Hah
  2. Nothing ever changes...
  3. Okay, man! That was a good decision to send it. It made me come back on SB-C. Last time I wrote something here was like a month ago. I haven't been really active lately, I have been too busy. But those stickers kind of reminded me of this place, then I decided to come and visit again.

    Has anything really changed here?
  4. It might possibly be the third pack i sent, i was going through my draws at work last week and found an envelope with your name and stamps on it and thought i might as well use it!
  5. Hey, Vivica!
    I finally received your SB-C sticker package today. I will be sticking them around skateparks and skate spots, so skaters may notice them. Hopefully there will be more users over here.

    I haven't visited SB-C for a short time, but I saw the package and I decided to come back. Maybe I will be visiting here more now. I will at least try to advertise this site by sticking the stickers. Thank you for sending the package.
  6. Did you try to send them stickers again? Because you said something like that a while ago. Just asking, bro.
  7. I guess something wrong has happened at the post office or something cuz I can't see the stickers.
  8. Hey!

    When are you heading up to Cali? Are you going to skate for a while there?
  9. Oh yes, all right. Thanks for helping!

    I was just thinking because I think that when I bought some clothes they sent me a text msg saying that my package is ready to come and get it. I just mixed up things, haha
  10. It'll come to your door like any normal letter mate.
    Probably won't arrive till next week.
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