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  1. Iight Jack. Save travels.
  2. Good stuff man, try to learn as much as you can from your trainer. If you get a chance, talk to some of the older guys or anyone who looks like they're hauling something special. Its always good to get advice from others, and even though it might conflict with what you've been taught, it's still good to know. I wouldn't recommend trusting just anyone though, if you leave the truck, make sure to keep an eye on anyone around you since truck drivers are easy targets. I'll try giving you a call sometime soon, or a text or something, you can call me Jack.
  3. Yea man. I got an instructor. We've been to KS, MO, IL, and now Kentucky for the night before we head to Atlanta. Kansas sucks though haha. But yea, planning time is hard because of the 70 hours clock shit.
  4. Back to Chicago now. Prime pays good and the equipment's not bad, they have new fleets. The guy I asked told me he enjoys his dry van, but they worked him pretty hard, much like my own company.

    If you don't have a smartphone, get one. I bought a new phone with unlimited talk, text, data, and 6GB of hot-spot Wi-Fi from Metro for around $90. You'll want google maps in order to use images, there's apps that report traffic incidents, and you really wanna get an app that'll list truck stops.

    Get a truck stop guide, leather gloves, a tire checker or small bat, some shop rags for fluid checks, an updated Atlas for 2016, and something that will occupy your time. You're gonna need a way to kill time. I brought a guitar, DL'd a game for this phone, and put a shit ton of movies on a laptop. I shut down at 0700 one day and only got back 3 hours the next day, I was going insane in that truck (though it was very poorly planned on my part).

    PM me your number man, I'll hit you up sometime.
  5. The program is very good so far here in Springfield. Although they try to cram as much knowledge in in a week before you step foot on a truck. Right now as of today, waiting for a cdl instructor for flatbed training and pre trip and driving. I passed my physicals, drug test, application checks, online modules, and i have my permit and Prime badge.
  6. In Indiana, by Chicago. Might be heading home today, gonna give you a what's-what when I get the chance. Talked to a Prime driver too, just to get you some details on how it is with them.
  7. In a few weeks, I'll be in Missouri. I might see you out there somewhere on the road!
  8. Word, my trainer said he doubled his pay just from leasing his truck. However, you gotta be a businessman at that point because it requires quite a bit of time to manage costs and such. But I'm leaving for the midwest tomorrow, I'll hit you up when I get back in a few weeks.
  9. I could do solitary for three weeks or even more at a time. I don't have a wife or a girlfriend or kids. I'm still young. Also, I would hope to become an o/o after a couple of years if I continue to do this. You can make some serious money.
  10. Doubt is a good thing when it comes to a lot of things, but I'm not so sure about this. Only time will tell.

    I'm a generally solitary person, but I don't know if I can deal with almost-absolute isolation for three weeks at a time. If you wanna do it, I say go for it. Every failure has some sort of success, even if it's not apparent. I figure if I can't do this type of work, it should serve as motivation to seek employment elsewhere and work harder. If I can do this type of work, then more power to me.
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