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  1. got u home gonna film some house related varial flip hijinx since my knees still a lil rekt and its raining
  2. also, make sure to throw much ridiculousness in. lulz are a must
  3. Alright cool dawg. Just wondering. Have no idea when its actually going to be done because we all have more filming to do. So no rush
  4. a lil bit dawgydawg i zoned out a little and forgot about it but ill get a few minutes of rad sk8n 4 satan to u by the end of the month fam
  5. been filming anything brah?
  6. haha, man I almost feel guilty because I remember that big talk we had about American skateboard prices

    I just ordered a complete with some primo stuff (Magenta deck, Indys, Bones STFs)

    $100 with free shipping lml
  7. frfr bronze56k is the fuckin illest
  8. ok this is exactly like what i need right now
  9. he just never stops lml
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