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  1. Damn, nice, yeah I'm still going to be on probation probably until at least winter. I'd definitely consider it, I like the midwest etc. The only places I'd move to outside of Iowa are : Minnesota, Michigan,Oregon,Washington, or Colorado.

    I like cities and that sort of stuff, but I also really enjoy the woods, whether it just be walking around finding cool spots etc. So those states all have beautiful places while the people not being dumb as dirt and there being stuff to do. Christ I have to 3/4 of the time go to one of the other major cities that in the surrounding states of Iowa just to go to a concert. Some rappers are cool enough to hit this Iowa City bar/venue like Vince Staples, Bone Thugs, Freddie Gibbs, but there's a lot of people from Chicago there now who go to those shows on some bulllshit trying to fight the rich white kids who are there and outside.
  2. yo dog, if you get off probo and you actually would consider moving up here let me know lol.

    at this point we're just looking at filling the empty rooms in the house with random people from craigslist, someone from sbc would be better than a random person I don't know at all. We were trying to fill the room by june 15 cause that's when the rest of security deposit is due but I don't think we're going to actually fill the rooms before then. we're probably just gonna pay the rest of the deposit ourselves and then we basically have until the end of august to add a room mate or two.
  3. yo man, your post in that one stupid kid's thread about yelling at his sister reminded me

    i've been meaning to ask you, how is prozac? i don't know if you take it but you sound like you know a thing or two about it. i met with a counselor a bunch of times for depression and anxiety and honestly the counselor didn't really tell me anything that helps much. It's probably been getting worse and worse lately and i've been thinking about seeing a doctor and asking about prozac.

    but i figured i'd ask you about it cause i wanted to get some info from someone with real world experience first lol
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