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  1. I haven't got to film nearly as much as I'd have liked to, mostly just little park fuck around videos etc. this is the last one I did just a bunch of offcuts I threw together since they never really got used for anything.

    i only have a few tricks in that (wallie into bank, no comply front shove and a front lip) but theres a few other vids on my YouTube channel. I'd like to film more street stuff but it's hard getting people out these days with work being in the way, british weather and the fact I'll definitely need to invest in a light.
  2. so when will we get to see what you've been filming with that small ghetto camera / fisheye set-up ?
  3. hooking you up with some underrated video links to watch, if you like Jensen's skating, to get you stoked for your week-end, Scrum Tilly Lush part, Scrum Tilly Lush was a 100% super 8 film video by Philip Evans (Format Perspective, Coping Mechanism, Lightbox Film project) featuring 1 skater for each major city in western Europe back in the late 2000's, very underrated video

    this is even older and pretty sick too, filmed & edited by Dan Magee

  4. replying a tad late but thanks for sharing man, haven't seen that one particular piece, will be checking it out for sure. the London scene is sick, I was glad to get to finally skate there after so many years of visiting as a tourist without my board. I was actually skating with Jensen and many other local activists and OG's so you bet I've seen a bunch of sick spots in places I wouldn't even have thought of exploring otherwise ! my only regret is not having found the time to skate Stockwell despite staying just a few blocks away ha. that place is legendary... thanks for your message
  5. There's a rad short little documentary on Vice called Skate World: England. Since you mentioned you'd been to London I thought you may be interested in it since it gives a history of Southbank and other parks/spots/skaters in London. (or maybe you've already seen it who knows :P) There's also Skate London with Nick Jensen on Ride Channel which shows more of newer London Spots and skating which is also rad.
  6. cool man thanks for all those links, will check them out soon ! have a good day
  7. im on a pc now heres a few more local videos

    theres also a local comp every year, this is probably my favorite one, lots of no complies, transition ripping and all round radness
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