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  1. Always <3
  2. LOL thanks, I don't quite understand why the guru's are gang bangin me but at least I have a friend in you <3
  3. I tried doing this back during the summer, and I was too lazy, but yeah, give me a specific floyd song, I'm not supposed to really have a say in the project too much, so, whatever song you want.

    (obscure hard to decipher songs are great)
  4. I dont have a blog account there, I dont really know if you need one, but whatever, Ill just say it here.

    Alright, Since I know you need themes, and would probably make the whole project more interesting, I decided I would think of one.
    I love making music, listening, playing, recording, whatever. I know you like it too, and pretty much I know you like Pink Floyd. I was listening to them a while back, and thought of a theme. Its kind of a take on something i plan to do in the future. Since I love music and photography I want to make like a book, and album that go together and have the same feel, meaning, blah blahlfa]sd, etc.
    I wanted to see someone else do sort of a play off on this. So I think it would be a cool theme for you to take any song, and make a photo relating to that in some way. I plan to do a whole project on in, but I think you could do some cool stuff with it, and want to see it.

    This might sound dumb, but let me know what you think.
  5. theme?
  6. post the theme on the blog page or thread, I'd appreciate it.
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