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  1. Just saw that. I'm still stuck in san marcos but if I ever get the chance or you come down here then I'm down to skate whenever.
  2. Damn this is really late and idk if you still even go on here anymore but my instagram is @aaronolivo and I commented on your most recent
  3. Instagram is @matthewheroy
  4. Damn I wish I could. There's no way I could make it up there
  5. Going to McKinney instead.
  6. I'm probably gonna head up to Guapo next weekend with Collin Kelly or anyone who's down to go. What's your instagram? Message me if you can go.
  7. I wish I could. My car is broken so I wouldn't have a ride up there.
  8. You down to skate Lewisville this coming weekend? idk if that's close to you at all tho
  9. Ive never skated with the index dudes before but my friend Jake Taylor is good friends with all of them. Yeah sube took that of me. Sube is the man.
  10. Cool, I live near Dallas. Ever skated with the Index guys before? Like Sean, Victor, or Harrison? I think I saw a video or photo of you doing a backside flip disaster at the Sun Valley spot on Instagram, I think it was on Mike Sube's account or something like that.
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