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  1. Well I'm on summer break so I'm still in Plano. Plano is closer to McKinney and I think maybe Lewisville. When I'm in Dallas go to Alliance skatepark. I'm close to Irving skatepark too when I'm in Dallas but I usually don't go there. I can go to Lewisville or McKinney anytime right now until I start school on the 26th.
  2. I know Jonathan Thomas, Cole Fraser, and Dakota Overbaugh (mostly just seen footy of them and seen em' a couple times). Yeah, the Dream Team is rad. They skate at the Pier a lot. Whenever you're in Dallas we should meet up. The park in McKinney opened up a couple months ago or Lewisville is always good.
  3. Do you know Jonathan Thomas, Bijan Etiman, Cole Fraser, Dakota Overbaugh, or Daniel Brodsky? There's a bunch of more people I can list. You probably know the Dream Team. Kechaud Johnson, Micheal Tang, Carsten Boyer, etc. I'm on my third year of college. I'm in Plano on the weekends and in Dallas (right on the border of Dallas and Grand Prairie) on weekdays.
  4. They work at Index and film a lot for the local company Hombre MFG. Jesus is coming out with a full length and Victor filmed Kennedy Cantrell (if that sounds familiar, I think he was on One in a Million and skates for Iron Claw). I'm Aaron Olivo (which probably doesn't sound familiar at all because there's barely any footage of me). The name Eric Chen does sound familiar. BTW I'm pretty young, just entering high school.
  5. I don't know those names. If they skate at Lewisville often or Eisenbergs from back in the day I might recognize their face. I'm Eric Chen if that name sounds familiar to you.
  6. Do you know Victor Villafane or Jesus Fuentes?

    EDIT: I just named them because they're pretty cool and film most of the people in DFW and around that area (like Irving and Plano too).
  7. Yea on September 7 when they have an open house. The layout they showed on Facebook looks nice.
  8. You gonna skate Overground when they reopen?
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