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  1. Can't wait to get the deck. Gotta go, I have a ton of homework to do.
  2. I never knew the Smile deck was an 8.5. Going to have to get it next board.

    And no problem. Anything to help someone try out my favorite companies. Glad you liked Autobahn and I'm sure Skate Mental will do you well, too.
  3. Thanks for all the advice and great posts. I think I'm gonna go with one of these two once my Chocolate and Welcome snap. or (P.S. My local shop never stocks them and it takes forever for them to order something in)
  4. 8.5 is the best shape!

    But at the moment, I'm riding an 8.375 (Donkey deck) with Thunder 149 Hi polished trucks. The turning is great, not a single problem with the axle. I feel the slight difference gives better control.
  5. I'm skating an 8.5 right now and really liking it. Would going from an 8.5 to an 8.375 while still using 149's feel that different? And on an 8.375 with 149's, would the axels stick out?
  6. Skate Mental is THE BEST. I don't think I will ever switch.

    I ride 8.375 and 8.5 decks, which is really hard to find from SM. I have the John Motta Doll deck and Shane O'Neill Donkey deck (both size 8.375) and Brad Stabba pizza deck and Shane O'Neill Biggie deck (both 8.5). All four are incredible. The shapes they press are amazing.

    They also have a couple price-point team models that are in 8.5. Go on, there are a few there.
  7. I was thinking about a Skate Mental board but haven't seen many in an 8.5. Are you still into them or are you skating something else?
  8. Haha, right on! Autobahn is the best. Love em to death.
  9. Saw all your posts about autobahn and decided to try a set. Never. Going. Back.
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