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  1. I went to my local Cabelas and purchased a PSE Kingfisher Kit. It came with everything needed to get you started for 139.99. If you've got a local Bass Pro or Cabelas, have them set the bow up, as the Kingfisher doesn't have an instruction manual with it, nor do they make if you're not familiar with setting up/stringing a bow, it's confusing.

    The PSE is a recurve bow, so it's a bit big. It comes in 40, 45, and 50 pound draw weights, I got the 45.

    The kit is pretty nice, but the standard reel it comes with it kinda junky..(you have to reel in the string by hand, so it's time consuming)

    They do make a reallllly nice reel for 89 bucks. I plan on picking one up if I find out I enjoy bowfishing. That's the biggest thing..I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg then find out I dont like it. If you search google, almost everyone starts out with the PSE Kingfisher.

    As you said, check your local DNR laws. Here, im allowed to bowfish basically anywhere, just cant camp salmon spawns.
  2. I went to some local lake today and there were some huge (20+lbs) carp roaming around. Wouldn't take anything I had to offer, so me and a couple friends attempted to make a bow with some sticks and fishing line and actually managed to hit one. But it bounced right off and the fish didn't even seem phased haha. I'm considering getting a legit one even though I'd probably have to travel to (legally) use it. How much did your setup cost/what brand did you get?
  3. It was a challenge to put together. What was seemingly easy, turned into a lot of what ifs. The package i bought, the company didnt make a manual for, so ive had a lot of trial and error. I practiced shooting in a pond by us, the only difficult part is refraction. So, where the shadow of the fish is, you need to aim like 6-8 inches below that to hit the fish.

    I planned on getting out fishing soon, it was 50 today, but tomorrow night we have another winter storm warning, so it will probably be delayed :<
  4. Any bow fishing updates?
  5. Yeah, im a bit hesitant of eating everything out of this lake. I've eaten a few walleye and some bass from here, but a few years ago they had an announcement of possible contamination.

    We've had reports of those lamprey thing getting into our those things are fucking crazy.
  6. Yea, I'm usually not happy with people killing fish that they won't eat/use, but invasive species that can harm the local populations are an exception. I heard they taste pretty good fried, if the waters not polluted you may want to give it a try. I'd never eat them around here because the freshwater is polluted as shit haha.
  7. I've treble hooked a couple, they put up a good fight.

    I wouldn't eat Carp, but there are a ton of blacks up at the Lake that would gladly take them. They're also an invasive species, so we're allowed to shoot em here with no limit. They make really nice fertilizer. I'll let you know how it goes, if the weather cooperates, we hope to be out fishing in 2 weeks
  8. Seems fun, keep me updated if you get any. I've only caught one carp ever in this tiny pond behind where I work. They're stronger than they look lol.
  9. We found this hidden gem of a lake last year, where there are a ton of carp in shallows, along with some big catfish (Records say theyve pulled up to 60 pd catfish)

    There are a few gar, i've only ever caught a small one there, so mostly carp.
  10. I love spearfishing (in water), but no experience bow fishing. What species would you be going after? I think upstate around here they usually bow hunt either carp or gar.
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