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  1. No problem man! Let me know if you or him have any more questions.
  2. Sorry bout your collarbone, that sucks. My dude should be able to afford it. Thanks for the reply! I'll pass on the information n see what he decides to do.
  3. And if he wants a certain graphic in a different size I can hook him up!
  4. I'm in New York, so shipping here is $10, I think Virginia would be the same. Boardpusher's facility is in Denver Colarado. You can email them for more specifics. Payment is done with a credit card. I'm lowering the deck prices right now so it would be $55 for 1 deck, then $10 shipping
  5. That's tight haha. Even if he can't afford it tell him I appreciate the support. I broke my collarbone so I've been out of commision for a while, sorry for the late reply.
  6. Dude I gotta friend who wants to buy 3 decks from you but he needs to know the prices for shipping to New York and Virginia. And also payment methods
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