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  1. Sent in the bail clip to a guy named Greg at Thrasher. His email is on the website.
  2. How'd you get on thrasher?
  3. I dont know cause i dont have the khaki ones but i doubt it cause they are a different color.
  4. Do the khaki ones do that permanent stain thing?
  5. They surely don't. I sent my first pair of moss ones (i bought two at once) back to soletech and am waiting on the khaki ones, and now my fresh unwashed moss ones are slowly developing the spots. I sent an e-mail to them to see if they might try to improve the dye, but new pants is a start.
  6. Same here dude!! I thought i was the only one. I think it is sweat stains. I washed mine once to try to get the stains out but, unfortunately the spots do not come out.
  7. the thing with my moss ones, is that they develop these weird bleachy looking spots, and I don't wash them because I only skate in them so it can't be my detergent, it sucks.
  8. Davis pants are the best. I have Moss and Black now, but i'm going to get more. They are a lot better than wearing denim. There so light wight and comfortable. Its almost like wearing sweatpants. They dry up sweat pretty quickly so your legs aren't soaked the whole session. They are the perfect fit too. I'm not the slim type of guy so i'm always buying the regular Davis. After buying the Davis im probably not going to buy denim ever again.
  9. Tell me about it, I have black, moss, and khaki coming in the mail. Never the slim ones though. Thanks for the rep though, I rarely get rep.
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