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  1. Awesome man.
  2. just broke 36,000
  3. Fuck yeah man! How many miles you have on it?
  4. still ridin this ol' beast
  5. Fair enough! Whatre you schwippin these days?
  6. haha ayyyeee yea dude I still ride, CBR 500 is a great beginner bike
  7. Hey man long time hahah! You still riding motorcycles? I still havent gotten my first haha, probably this next summer. Looking at a cbr500 to start
  8. ok then, for your height and price id start sniffing around craigslist for a Kawasaki Ninja 250 to start off on, if you feel its too small you can always go up to the 500, but they weigh a bit more than a 250.
  9. It would be nice to stay around 2gs? im only 5 foot 6.
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