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  1. You still snowboarding a fuck ton fool!?
  2. Nah they will
    I wear 32 and theyre big on me
    And i bought then for $160 and only wore them twice
    How about $120?
  3. how much were you asking again? you said they are mediums? i dont think theyd fit me i wear 34 jeans
  5. yo i passed out after batman saved gotham but heres a stock picture of those pants
    it's pretty big
  6. haha idk
    companies i know sometimes make them and if i i like them ill get one
    i dont really search around or anything for them
  7. where do you find alot of your windbreakers and shit man?
  8. just wear whatever you like dawg
    it doesnt even have to be a jacket
    i just wear sweatshirts with button ups on top
  9. hey bro im looking for some good park jackets. posi if you can find me some good deals?
  10. oh shit i forgot to respond
    google seasons skateshop
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