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  1. which would be rad? or spend it on 4/4 that would be cool too
  2. I will report back to you on this date with the amount Ive saved up.
    Im thinking I will most likely end up spending it on a really awesome meal at a nice restaurant

    edit: wait, 2014?? hell no not waiting that long haha
    or maybe I should... i feel like by that point id have so much saved up I would end up getting like a new macbook or something
  3. spend it on 4/4/2014
  4. i dunno maybe, ask a mod or something
  5. Some shit mustve changed or something. i can only request elite. its not a huge deal or anything but whatever haha
  6. you might have to go to user cp and change your account or whatever... i dunno its all in that thread
  7. i just seen you were in that thread haha. i thought id been here like 6 months or some shit haha. whatevs
  8. uh... theres a thread about this..

    you need to be a member for like 6 months or something
  9. when can i fucking rep others? i thought it was 500 posts or some shit?
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