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  1. Okay, I think when I first read that you didn't go to Uni I assumed it was similar to American schooling even though I knew otherwise. "College" is kind of like our community colleges which I was in. Full of bullshit people snorting vyvanse before class(lol snorting vyvanse doesn't even work) and asking why the font isn't correct on their html. The internship is what got you hooked up though. I should probably just put up with the idiots for a few more years and try to get one after I get some certifications. What field are you going in? Network Admin is kind of what you're doing now, yeah?
  2. i went to college (not uni) until 18 (here you do school until 16 then go to college to do subjects you choose) and got a BTEC Level 3 ICT qualification (it was full of bs lol making shitty websites in vb and whatnot) then got an apprenticeship doing IT networking. i dunno if you have apprenticeships in the US but you spend some time in a business environment and some time studying for qualifications. anyway i got taken on full time which worked out real nice for me.
  3. How did you land your tech job without college experience? Do certifications mean less than experience in UK?I will probably end up in software engineering and obviously that's something you can do without college because of the infinite amount of documentation on languages, but to get a decent job here in US they really want you to have a degree.College computer classes are so fucking bad here dude, you have no idea.I had not taken any computer classes before so I had this "Intro to Computers"class and we did shit like snipping tool, using excell, I was fucking livid, failed the class because I couldn't go through the effort of doing all this menial shit.Took into to programming and dropped that because we were spending weeks and weeks on fucking basic html and css. First week we learned how to imitate a webpage that my professor made and literally just did it in the first fifteen minutes then left class. Probably should have just sat through the bullshit but those boring feels.
  4. Nevermind, I was dumb and realized I could have just searched my posts for when I quoted it.
  5. Can you give me the CCCP Spock pic m9???
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