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  1. Gook
  2. Get the fuck back on chat you Caribbean cunt. :^)
  3. You're online. I see you commie, shakin that ass, shakin that ass
  4. Merry Christmas man. From Dominica with love
  5. Merry Christmas from Hawaii
  6. How apropos
  7. For you, honourable comrade.
  8. Yeah. I'll send you a message around that time if you're online lol
  9. About 8pm my time?
  10. This Friday at like 8pm? Remember to ask the person if they're in Dominica, cos it may get linked to an Indian, Atlanta or Cali rep instead. Just hang up and call back till you reach a Dominican. Say you wanna speak to the English guy cos he handled your call very well before, and just keep insisting. They aren't allowed to hang up on you and they have to give you what you want if you really insist
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