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  1. Dat NY City Diesel Sativa
  2. Lemon kush, fav of mine
  3. What strain are you smoking?
  4. High Life, le champagne of beer. Pretty cheap, $3.33 for 2 32oz cans. What you got?
  5. Darknet al qaeda jihad lists, what are you drinking?
  6. Faxing eh, what for?
  7. Similar to drinking beer and smoking bud, I am smoking bud and drinking beer.

    Was playing some games but I need to fax some shitty papers then I can try out drinking beer and smoking bud.
  8. Not much, drinking a beer and smoking some bud watching Dexter. How about you?
  9. what's up
  10. It ended up being the power supply, all good now. Thanks a lot for the help, appreciate it.
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