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  1. Every now and then I'll browse frequently for a couple days and then not come back for months on end. Just a strange coincidence that the thread was on the front page during this particular visit, while reading your post I was thinking something along the lines of "...this person's tastes strongly resemble PlanB's" until I read your name at the very bottom haha
  2. /mu/tant?
  3. Yeah hahah most definitely. I think of WI and MN as essentially the same state in a way so I know how it is.
    I got wait-listed for the U of M though, i'll be finding out for sure by mid-april.. but if i end up going there we'll have to get lifted and all that shit for sure
  4. This is really late...

    Yeah, I'll be staying here. If you do go to school here stay around the cities, everywhere else in Minnesota sucks.
  5. yo, are you staying in the minneapolis area after high school? or did you already graduate high school
    if i remember right, were the same age haha but i might be wrong...
    just wondering because if i get accepeted, i'm probably going to school there next year
  6. :)
  7. Haha the sig <3 I never realized how goofy it sounded

    I'd posi but I can't
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