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  1. Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band is out. It's pretty decent.
  2. I'll get back to you on that. From what I heard, they definitely would be in what I feel is your taste. She's got a great voice. Also, Mike Mattison is absolutely hilarious, he was just going around to all the people cracking jokes and hanging out before the show. I witnessed Trucks dancing to the drum solo and kinda focusing (or praying, whatever you want to call it).
  3. Sounds intense. Glad you got to see him, he's an amazing guitarist. I was reading about his wife last month actually, tell me if any of her albums are worth checking out.
  4. Fucking great. It wasn't DTB, that was just easier to type. It was his wife's band with Oteil, Kofi, Mike, and Derek there too. So basically I heard his wife play her stuff for the first time, and Derek soloed for at least 2 minutes per song. Trade offs with tenor sax and trumpets, drum solos, good lord it was fantastic. Basically got to be about 50 feet away from him. It was so great. I'm definitely gonna check his wife's stuff out.
  5. so how was Derek Trucks?
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't feel that Clapton is the end all greatest guitarist ever.
  7. School, girl, guitar, photography, adventure. Why losing it?
  8. just slowly loosing my soul to corporate America

    Whats been going on with you
  9. What's been going on man?
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