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08-03-2006, 10:32 PM
A few weeks I was eating in this fine hotel. later that night a band called rex wicked were playing there. Unfortunately I didn't stay late enough to see them. but I did read about them and they sounded good, so I went home to listen to some of there stuff and I was impressed.
For a unknown aussie band I think they are very good. This is what there myspace page has to say:
Driving rock riffs, elaborate keys, wailing vocals, tearing screams intertwined with weaving guitar licks and solos - an emotional journey.

"...They ... were positively, erm, electrifiying, and easily one of the highlights of the day... The Rex Wicked... added a touch of edginess to the rock proceedings of the day...whilst The Rex were just ******* astounding. The perfect mix of light and heavy, they displayed a knack for creating some of the most sonically creative, and downright ******* awesome, sounds of the day." - Jaymz Clements, Beat Magazine, review of Big Sunday Festival.

"...a rock solid example of the young group's talents...every track has one thing in common - they rock" - Justin Donnelly, Beat Magazine & SAIN Magazine, review of the EP.

"Spectrum was thrashed by the intense ... sounds of this fiery and cohesive outfit. The frontman was a melting pot of angst, passion and rage, giving his all vocally and delivering an animated performance. The keyboard player was a definite highlight and his classical and dynamic skill added depth and atmosphere. His keys were especially striking when the band merged into more melodic punk rock. The chemistry between the members was well-defined, and their on stage antics and instrumental harmonies were at times dramatic and theatrical. They are certainly on the rise..." - Garrett Bithell, live review from 2005 Sydney tour
check out www.therexwicked.com and http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=18946128 for more info and audio.