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07-14-2006, 05:01 PM
Well I keep seeing tons of intrument threads so i decieded to make a thread for something equally as important. As the title suggest state your favorite songwriter and why.

Lou Reed - My favorite of all, he has infuenced my direction in where i wanna take my playing. He basically was the first to have deep subkect matter, and also the first to include tabboos such as homosexuals, transvestites, drugs, and transexuals. He basically is the father of philophosy and existentionalism in lyrics.

Syd Barrett - Syd is the most creative. He did something different, his lyrics were totally unlike any one elses, he had mass creativity. Maybe it was his schizophrenia, but his creativty let him write something very new, somehting with little lyricaly influence. He basically made the jump, he had nothing to fall on, he was the vanguard of creativty.

Frank Zappa - well i just like his surrealist and situationist influenced lyrics.

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John Lennon