View Full Version : Used #9 - Back noseslide submission

11-11-2013, 10:45 PM
Got this tonight, haven't been on recently but saw the instagram thing and though it was a cool idea. It's a bit blurry, make if i get a picture taken in the day it would be different. Maybe ill get a new one sometime for a later submission.

https://pod51035.outlook.com/owa/service.svc/s/GetFileAttachment?id=AAMkADdkNjFjNDYyLWExZGQtNDk1O S1iODU0LTQzNDZhMzdkMDg2MgBGAAAAAAAhWZpaZBnTQZm7H%2 BGiNxqxBwDS5%2BbXq1PBQrZQRv%2BCXprmAAAA3JVpAAA4ErC ckyckSZPFHC3O1GolAABF348FAAABEgAQAL3AnaBCwg9AoK%2B pq4dxxfA%3D&isImagePreview=True&X-OWA-CANARY=MoYQ7Te_Z0S2myZ6scYsxKLKBfKJrdAI_esfdqiKTdx XdLg5W1_-UiUJJnsBmqJzEUxDSK9z62c.

I havn't been here a while, i forgot how to make the image smaller.