View Full Version : Got myself a loop pedal.

10-12-2012, 08:00 PM
Well actually its a Delay pedal with a loop feature. Boss DD-7. I got this pedal because I thought the loop would help me learn how to improvise, and so far I think its working. I plug in my acoustic, record the rhythm chords, loop, plug in my electric, and try to play a solo over it. Its so awesome. I can jam at anytime.

I've also started writing down the individual notes of the chords I've been playing in order to help me figure out the scale, such as:

B = B F# B D# F# B
A = A E A C# E A
E = E B E G# B E

I'll play the chords on the left, and try to stick to the notes on the right side when I'm improv. Its basic stuff really, but I'm getting into it for the first time.