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  1. Warning for Gothic Romance: Spammed Advertisements
  2. Warning for enjoI-pop: Inappropriate Language
  3. Warning for RUFNcousin: Signature Rule Violation
  4. Warning for professional asshole: Uncalled for...
  5. Infraction for STINKYFINGER!: Spam
  6. Infraction for skater4life101: Wrong section post after first one was moved
  7. Infraction for Element1000: Constant Spamming
  8. Infraction for (.)(.): spam
  9. Infraction for Save_The_Pandas: Spam
  10. Infraction for theonlysun81: Spam/stupidty
  11. Warning for professional asshole: Maybe a little maturity wouldn't go amiss.
  12. Warning for yekcim: Inappropriate Language
  13. Warning for nollie_tre: Inappropriate Language
  14. Warning for Round 2: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  15. Banning for nollie_tre: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  16. Warning for willskater: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  17. Infraction for LtD4Life: Starting a useless thread.
  18. Infraction for liverpool strickes back: DO NOT POST ADDRESSES
  19. Infraction for Chocolate!: Inappropriate Language
  20. Infraction for PrimoSlide7839: Posted censored porn
  21. Infraction for skata boy 11: Bye.
  22. Infraction for sk8_4_lyfe666: you know why
  23. Infraction for oh no!!!: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  24. Infraction for +Dead Kennedys+: Spam
  25. Infraction for kewenlong: Spam... I dont know if this is gonna work...
  26. Infraction for irontony88: wrong forum
  27. Warning for DrMonumbo: Flaming & porn. Generally a member we don't need.
  28. Infraction for DrMonumbo: Didn't ban before, was meant to.
  29. Infraction for DrWang: Furry porn...
  30. Infraction for JPerez: Spammed Advertisements
  31. Infraction for castaholic: Advert bot
  32. Infraction for almostmyself: Spammed Advertisements
  33. Warning for skaterfrompr: Needless Aggression
  34. Warning for axeclick: Bumping without good cause... twice
  35. Infraction for iwuzherematt: cashcrate advertising
  36. Infraction for iwuzherematt: Spammed Advertisements
  37. Infraction for amar: Pirating Software (sharing programs)
  38. Infraction for axeclick: Non-stop childish spam
  39. Infraction for S8Kevin2005: Duplicate threads & mass bumping
  40. Infraction for MarkBollett: Inappropriate Language
  41. Infraction for pukieMcpukester: Unecessary bumb of year old thread
  42. Infraction for MarkBollett: Inappropriate Language
  43. Warning for Mychemromance: Inappropriate Language
  44. Warning for Gothic Romance: Spammed Advertisements
  45. Warning for i take any free decks: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  46. Warning for Mychemromance: Spammed Advertisements
  47. Infraction for xCxCxHx: Inappropriate Language
  48. Infraction for Mychemromance: Inappropriate Language
  49. Warning for reptiskate52: Inappropriate Language
  50. Infraction for its 10:23: Inappropriate Language
  51. Infraction for Snowskate to Destiny: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  52. Warning for Snowskate to Destiny: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  53. Warning for Grand_Hustle: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  54. Infraction for Light Bulb: Get out of my thread, n00b
  55. Warning for Mychemromance: Inappropriate Language
  56. Infraction for Randomzero: Wrong section, blatantly obvious
  57. Infraction for S8Kevin2005: Making a thread that was just made that you knew was made
  58. Infraction for thenewguy: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  59. Warning for vincent: Wrong Section
  60. Infraction for Ight Dawg: Wrong section
  61. Infraction for poop01: sdf
  62. Infraction for poop01: I hate you
  63. Infraction for Orchasm: Random Lyrics
  64. Warning for i suck at skating: Remade deleted thread.
  65. Infraction for i suck at skating: Continualy remakign a thread after it has been deleted.
  66. Infraction for andydude: Spammed Advertisements
  67. Infraction for Chocolate!: Oh god, where to start.
  68. Warning for CannonBall: Spammed Advertisements
  69. Warning for CannonBall: Spammed Advertisements
  70. Warning for CannonBall: Spammed Advertisements
  71. Infraction for i_don't_know: Accidently Posting of Porno link
  72. Warning for imnotveryfondofyou: Inappropriate Language
  73. Warning for Hagen: Inappropriate Language
  74. Warning for sk8_4_lyfe666: Inappropriate Language
  75. Infraction for sk8_4_lyfe666: Knowingly posting in wrong section (quite obvious)
  76. Warning for LtDforlife: Basic Spam
  77. Infraction for NUKEFRANCE22: Using an alternate account to evade a ban.
  78. Infraction for sucka mothafcka stopper: gay fucking spam
  79. Infraction for Chocolate!: To many to name
  80. Warning for ving384: Quadruple Post
  81. Warning for skate zilla: Inappropriate Language
  82. Infraction for i_don't_know: Spam threads
  83. Infraction for Jigga: You be talking shit about my mama (Spam)
  84. Infraction for bsflip: Spamming HEAPS!
  85. Infraction for What Can I Say?: Multiple accounts
  86. Warning for i take any free decks: Wrong Section
  87. Infraction for i take any free decks: For making a shitastic thread.
  88. Infraction for I <3 Mac-: Posting Pron, Spamming, Killing people
  89. Infraction for crazsk8er1013: Spammed Advertisements
  90. Infraction for TehPwned: Uh, just look at the post
  91. Warning for thats.life: Inappropriate language
  92. Warning for BlackZ42: Reference to obtaining programs illegally
  93. Warning for Breaking The Bond: Excessive harrasment
  94. Warning for enjoI-pop: Bumping 2 month old thread
  95. Infraction for thenewguy: Dissing mods/inappropriate language/spam
  96. Infraction for Mychemromance: Never post crap like this again
  97. Infraction for Lynch Mob: Crappy band, awful thread, wrong section.
  98. Infraction for Anon: Posting offensive content ("shock" gore)
  99. Infraction for robotehgayman: Multi account
  100. Infraction for Orchasm: Multi Account
  101. Infraction for Mychemromance: Slap should of banned you longer
  102. Infraction for planbskater111: Spam
  103. Infraction for planbskater111: Spam
  104. Warning for tony777: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  105. Warning for JeebusPanda: Post in the right section
  106. Warning for almostmyself: Stupid thread
  107. Infraction for skateboarder: Asking for programs (piracy)
  108. Infraction for THAT HANDSOME DEVIL: Multi account + making thread saying its a multi account
  109. Infraction for Fenderstrat: Apparently he's leaving...
  110. Infraction for i take any free decks: Chucky spam and triple and double posting
  111. Infraction for i-am-man: Quadruple Post
  112. Infraction for flip101: Spam Attack involvement
  113. Infraction for theonlysun81: Spam Attack - involvement
  114. Infraction for balkan: Spam Attack
  115. Infraction for H3TTING3R: Spam Attacking
  116. Infraction for Breaking The Bond: Spam attacking
  117. Infraction for sucka mothafcka stopper: Spam Atacking
  118. Infraction for leavemealone: Spam Attacking
  119. Warning for sk83r101: Wrong Section
  120. Infraction for dumb: spamming
  121. Infraction for dumber: spam threads
  122. Infraction for Jigga: Posting Offensive Content - Pornography
  123. Warning for skater Trever: Quadruple Posting
  124. Infraction for sk8_mystery: Inappropriate Language
  125. Warning for star_skater: Offensive...
  126. Infraction for BacksideKing: spam
  127. Infraction for JeebusPanda: spam
  128. Infraction for TOM-E<3Goatsex: ;
  129. Infraction for ThatGuyThatHasSoMuchSpunk: [
  130. Infraction for TOM-E<3Goatsex: Multi account made to spam.
  131. Infraction for flip101: You asked for the perm
  132. Infraction for niggerfucker: porn
  133. Infraction for star_skater / starburstskater: Rep system abuse
  134. Infraction for starburstskater: Perma Bant!!
  135. Warning for jessegd: Posting in the wrong forum
  136. Warning for dustydust: Abuse of the rep system
  137. Infraction for Mychemromance: Inappropriate posts
  138. Infraction for Mychemromance: Deserves a perma for pervious infractoins and this one, + he asked for it.
  139. Infraction for TehNoobBikezor: Constant repeating of "NEG ME" after being told to stop
  140. Infraction for TehNoobBikezor: Repeating what told not to after previous ban
  141. Infraction for DuskAndHerEmbrace: Making account for banned member.
  142. Infraction for EmoIsLife: Making account for banned member.
  143. Infraction for HerGhostInTheFog: Multiple Accounts
  144. Infraction for HardAsARock: MCR made another account, caught.
  145. Infraction for commando: MCR made another account.
  146. Infraction for cowbank: MCR made another account
  147. Infraction for cock-mando: MCR...quickest ban ever!
  148. Infraction for c0ck-mando: MCR...quickest ban ever!
  149. Warning for sk8jrzy4life: Inappropriate Language, Insulting Member(s)
  150. Infraction for sk8_4_lyfe666: Just no..?
  151. Infraction for (H‡TTING‡R): Spam
  152. Warning for i take any free decks: Wrong section
  153. Warning for D.J skatedood: Spam
  154. Infraction for i mk yng bys xpld: Offensive images
  155. Warning for wtffffffffffff: Bumping multiple 2 year old threads
  156. Warning for i mk yng bys xpld: Offensive Images
  157. Infraction for [/TH3 COD3]: YOU TOLD ME TO! AHHH
  158. Warning for RUFNbanned: Very funny...
  159. Infraction for sk8ordie69: Way to be a loser.
  160. Infraction for fallen_sk8r: Lol?
  161. Infraction for (.)(.): I told you not to post that fucking cat.
  162. Infraction for n00bsk8rLOL: "Joke account"
  163. Infraction for TheSkateboardP: Posting long cat
  164. Infraction for taaffe: Made a joke account and spammed
  165. Warning for goodbyeeltoro: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  166. Infraction for goodbyeeltoro: Excessive Insulting of Moderator
  167. Infraction for Gummi: spam
  168. Infraction for boomboom: Multiple Accounts
  169. Warning for Sevendust: Inappropriate Language
  170. Infraction for bakedbakerskater: Joke account
  172. Infraction for RUFNbanned: Spammed Advertisements
  173. Infraction for TehPwned: Inappropriate Language, Spam
  174. Infraction for BandagedSkater: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  175. Infraction for ed_jewcation: double post spam
  176. Warning for jayboy_1122: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  177. Infraction for MaC-: Death by LongCat, LOL!!
  178. Infraction for ed_jewcation: Death by LongCat, LOL!!
  179. Infraction for killakidskillinkids: General Being a cunt...
  180. Infraction for drowning_fish: Death by LongCat, LOL!!
  181. Infraction for littleman: Death by LongCat, LOL!!
  182. Infraction for skater fo ever: I bet you thought quoting LongCat wouldn't get you banned, well suprise!
  183. Infraction for redneck sk8ter: For being a redneck...and other reasons
  184. Infraction for i ride the fire spitfire: i take free decks multi account
  185. Infraction for Iliketechno: Posting Long Cat
  186. Infraction for Iliketechno: excessive spam and rule breaking
  187. Infraction for Iliketechno: Posting Long Cat 5x
  188. Infraction for i take any free decks: Multi account for spam, plus requesting to be banned
  189. Infraction for punk_ian69: spam and I felt like it
  190. Infraction for ~The Fresh Prince~: another account, Im not even checking anymore.
  191. Infraction for ChocolateFace: Made a fake account and posted long cat.
  192. Infraction for the_DRiZzLe: porn (penis)
  193. Infraction for billc0sbyisblack: Porn.
  194. Infraction for bandikid: Porn.
  195. Infraction for VEGATED: Spam
  196. Infraction for HOOTERSZ: porn.
  197. Infraction for joneh: 3 accounts and posting porn.
  198. Infraction for HIGHfiveNICEjob: Multi Account...actually his 14th according to him.
  199. Infraction for skate-habitatforlife: Porn.
  200. Warning for Rewound: Insulting of member(s)/being a dick.
  201. Infraction for Rewound: Inappropriate Language
  202. Infraction for Pu1$h!: Porn
  203. Infraction for Ight Dawg: Made two threads after having the same ones deleted, disrespected me lololol
  204. Infraction for americanjesus323: stop making accounts
  205. Infraction for sucka mothafcka stopper: LOLOLOLOLOLZ
  206. Infraction for Gebs: gtfo
  207. Infraction for VEGATED: Spam account
  208. Infraction for thenewguy: Now who's the most hated?
  209. Infraction for thenewguy: Now who's the most hated?
  210. Warning for skater storm: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  211. Warning for el barto: Inappropriate Language
  212. Warning for Cosmo Kramer: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  213. Warning for Cosmo Kramer: Inappropriate Language
  214. Infraction for Cosmo Kramer: BURN!
  215. Infraction for PimpinKid: Spam
  216. Warning for gater-AID: spam me thinks
  217. Infraction for Matty-PIMP: Posting pornography.
  218. Infraction for Roxinabox: Spammed Advertisements
  219. Infraction for dont_be_a_poseur: Spam
  220. Infraction for IsuckAtskate: spam+insulting
  221. Infraction for brad willoson: If you don't like it here, leave.
  222. Infraction for Dry Wretch: Being an all round shit member that we dont need here
  223. Infraction for pooponmychest: I hate you
  224. Infraction for pooponmychest: Balls
  225. Warning for Rancor: Spammed Advertisements
  226. Warning for Elementskater: Spammed Advertisements
  227. Warning for reptiskate52: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  228. Infraction for try skateboarding: The 2 day ban assiociated with long cat.
  229. Infraction for USAMA BIN LADEN: Multiple User Name
  230. Warning for SkateBoardingSucks: Spammed Advertisements
  231. Warning for whydontYOUstfu!: Spammed Advertisements
  232. Warning for whydontYOUstfu!: Spammed Advertisements
  233. Infraction for SkateBoardingSucks: Excesive spamming and harassment of members
  234. Infraction for whydontYOUstfu!: excesive spaming/multi-account
  235. Infraction for CrustyNutz: spam account
  236. Infraction for NICEjobHIGHfive: multiple accounts
  237. Warning for mysteryskater7: Asking for rep
  238. Warning for IAmTehWalruz: Excessive Insulting of Member(s)
  239. Infraction for b4nned: Pron posting
  240. Infraction for emnabpi: meatspin
  241. Infraction for mr dilligence trp/nme: Spammed Advertisements
  242. Infraction for i take free decks nigger: Multi account/excessive insults and harrassment.
  243. Infraction for *SKATEAHOLIC SUCKS DICK**: Spam Account.
  244. Infraction for baker_skater: Large bump for pointless post
  245. Warning for IDropkickPunks: Spammed Advertisements
  246. Infraction for SkateaHolic I Want 2RapeU: Spam Account
  247. Warning for b4nned: Inappropriate Language
  248. Infraction for b4nned: more than enough goatse spam
  249. Infraction for Ight Dawg: Spam
  250. Infraction for ADIOskater097: Leaving thread.