Mostly Hayley Williams

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This contains pics mostly used in the H.W.A. social group, but I might throw in some pics of myself
  1. New hairstyle 2
  2. I wasn't feeling the dodgy do to begin with, but it works because she's so fit
  3. Alternative styling? Dodgy tattoo? Who cares, she's still the most beautiful woman on the planet
  4. Hayley down the beach again
  5. Hot
  6. Scorching
  7. Seductive
  8. Hayley down the beach
  9. Hot
  10. Plenty of styles, all beautiful
  11. Hot
  12. Even Hayley is a MySpace cam whore lol
  13. Apparently pretending to be Avril Lavigne
  14. "I's bear huntin' season"
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