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By Anonymous Skateboarder at 2009-03-12 19:31

Ollies are essential to even trying kickflips, and backside pop-shove's should probably be learned beforehand.

Other Skills: 

A well practised, properly dragged ollie helps you learn to do kickflips both nicer and quicker.

What You May Find Useful: 

Try standing on your tail and dragging your front foot like you see kickflips done in videos here. Getting a feel for what your going to be doing helps you do it in the air with a lot less thought.


You want to place your feet much like an ollie except have your front foot's heel hanging off a bit so you're more ready to make the board flip. It's a good idea to keep your shoulders parallel with the board at all times. Definitely try this trick while moving, since kickflips while not moving are about as good as morning cereal without sugar.

Varial flips combine backside pop shove it's and kickflips, so why not go ahead and learn them after you've got your kickflips down. After that, make a big next step and
The kickflip is considered the most difficult, basic trick. It combines the ollie with the skateboard doing a barrel roll, where it just rotates on an axis that goes across length ways. It rotates counter clockwise when looking from behind if you're goofy, and clockwise if you're regular. Once the kickflip is learned, a lot more difficult tricks that combine the kickflip with other rotations become possible to learn. The stance of this trick, is similar to an ollie, but the front foot is usually closer to the heel edge of the board and is at more of an angle. Most people have their foot at a 45 degree angle, but it all depends on personal preference.

Sora1421's Troubleshooting
Flipping Problems

  • 1. Board wont flip.

    You have to kind of act like your curling up your toes at the end of the board and when u flick dont just flick out flick up and out. Alot of people when they try kickflips just take there foot and slide it off, but this is not the answer. I tell my people who i meet who cant kickflips to act as though they curl their toes up at the end because it kind of makes you learn the motion even though this doesnt help.

  • 2. Board does a Rocket kickflip

    When the board flys directly up and does not leave the ground but does spin. This is very easy to fix with practice the problem is when your kicking your not moving your foot up and out your just going out not giving it the drag basicly to get up as if in an ollie.

  • 3. Board gets off ground does nosedive (Board may or may not spin)

    Ok this one is a bitch to try and fix for people who learn their kickflips wrong like this. The problem is that the people either do not flick the board at the end of the board. Or that after they flick they keep their foot their cause it to try to flip but hitting your back heel. Have a friend watch you or video tape and see where you are flicking off. You want to flick on the concave by the nose pretty much right around the bolt somewhere(depends on where you position your front foot for the flip)Then practice as you do your flick try and bring it out and up a bit more. Just practice not doing it for that one.

  • 4. Board Does not flip but just goes flying way ahead of you.

    This is kind of like problem #3 but when you drag and flick the person thinks he needs to drag super hard and flick with his whole foot. A lot of times the persons front foot flies with the board. Drag lighter and just only power to your toes, the ball of your foot actually. Not your whole foot. Also this problem could be happening because the person is trying to get their toes on the side of board a lot if your new to kickflips and their back foot toes at very edge so they loose balance and when they pop they lean back to much and their front foot pushes it away. Try to stay above the board at all times.

  • 5. Board goes partially varial

    Omg this is annoying to try and troubleshoot becuase theirs so many things that could cause this. 1.) Person may have back toes hanging off the edge causing it to scoop into a varial. 2.) Persons back foot may be pushing back towards such as a pop shove it. People tend to do this after learning pop shove-its. 3.) Front foot may be 45 degrees, try and keep it as straight as possible. 4.) Your body may not be straight when u try and flip try to keep your shoulders from moving much and keep them straight.

  • 6. Board does half flip

    O man almost forgot bout this one. This is very simple you are not flicking hard enough or still have not grasped the whole flick out and up thing. I can get double just about when i really try and flick hard but i just flick normally and stomp what is used to me. Practice the whole flicking out and up motion the problem could be you got the whole placing but your flicks could be not flicking up enough.Just practice is all i can say for this one.


Ok here we go the part most people have trouble with. Theres probbably problems people have that ive never heard of so if theres one thats on here tell me and i will edit this and explain to the best of my knowledge.

  • 1. Board Flips and lands behind the person.

    I do this when i loose my balance and fall forward a bit and try to flick while leaning forward. So try to stay directly up above the board. This is basically cause by either leaning forward to much.Your head should not be past your front bolt. Keep your head straight and don't slant it.

  • 2. Board land to much left or right.

    Now usually people's kicks usually land in front of them them to the left or right(to the side more of where it should land) cause you to get only one foot on or miss completely. You can either try and get up more over the board because the place your foot has to be for flips makes you lean to the side of your foot a bit. Or you can try and jump for to it. But I would suggest you try and get more up over because it looks cleaner when it hovers and doesn't move. Now if the board flips under you (which is rare) your leaning WAY to much the other way.

  • 3. Board lands infront of person.

    Once again its the same problem as #4 in the flipping section except this time it flips and your not leanign back as much. People still tend to loose their balance as they pop becuase their not used to the positioning of the front foot. So try and move your back foot up a tad onto the board untill u get better balance. Trying to get the best pop cant hurt your kickflips for now. Or you might have good balance and just are leaning back still too much. Just concentrate being straight and kick.

  • 4. Can only get one foot on it either front of back

    Ok here is where people really have a lot of trouble and people dont usually respond to these as much because their hard to answer. The real problem is you could not be committing if your moving or your not trying to catch the board, your hoping that it will flip and when u land it will be right there under your feet like magic. NO! practice catching your board and looking at your feet. when you see that grip tape stomp on your board and don't be scared. Or you are not sucking your front foot in your flicking out but not up. Flick out and Up! Out and Up!! Then suck your front foot back into you. If you flick where your supposed to and don't move your front foot your either gonna land on the nose or you'll miss it completely with the front foot. Suck your foot back into you rather than just up from where u flick.

  • 5. Board flips but lands before you do (cannot get feet up in the air after flicking.)

    You need to flick out and up with the ball of your foot. As you flick you want to suck up your feet in to you. If you flick down and out its a lot harder to get your foot all the way up and ready to slam.

this is by Sora and not me. Just to clear this up , I remember this guide way back in the summer days. So props to him.

Please ask all questions on the message board with clarity. Also, make sure a topic hasn't been made that already answers your question. Kickflips are one of the most asked-about tricks on the site. -Mr Evil Guy

Good Luck!

  1. First you first need to know the basics. Make sure your able to ollie consistently and it helps if you can ollie about 2-3 decks at least. Also if you learned other basic moves such as pop shove-its and 180s it would help your balance and timing of this difficult trick.

  2. To start off, make sure you do this trick moving. Although there are a few people who prefer to do tricks while doing it still. I don’t prefer this method because then it makes you rely on staying still making you a little hesitant when you do start learning it moving. So its best if you just start off moving. Make sure its not too fast but not too slow either, make it smooth and flowing and be sure your comfortable.

  3. Put your back foot like a regular ollie. Also DO NOT put your foot on the edge of the board. Some people say it helps the pop and flip. But that just screws up your balance and will mess up your flick. So just put your foot AROUND the edge of the board and make sure your feet are balance and comfy because that’s the main part. Now put your front foot about 2-3 inches behind the front bolts. Not on the middle because it’s a bit uncomfy and you need more strength in your flip which may screw you up when your just starting to learn it. Now put your front foot 45 degrees so it makes the flick easier and more accurate.

  4. Now comes the action, make sure you pop the board hard so your can get a better drag. So then not only makes your kickflip higher, but it also gives you more time to spin the board which is crucial. Everything should be going like a ollie. Now comes the hard part. You need to drag the front foot up as usual. BUT you don’t just stop at the bolts, your need to go off the corner of the board where the concave of the nose goes upward. Then this is where the 45 angled foot comes in handy, need to FLICK the board with your foot and not your whole leg. This is where people mess up. DO NOT USE YOUR WHOLE LEG!!!! Or this will mess up your kick flip and you will just overshoot it and thus, screwing up the whole thing. Just with a little power with your ankle, flick your foot out to spin it. I cannot stress this enough, trust me you don’t need a lot of strength for this, just a little flick can do it.

  5. Now it should be spinning. Pull your front foot back and make sure it doesn’t collide with the board. Your back foot is just hanging there waiting for the land. Just wait for the spin to finish and BAM! Slam your feet down to land. The landing should come with instinct and not timing.

  6. Congratulations! You made your first kickflip (in your mind), now just make sure you pop and drag higher to make that kick flip even more sexy!

Good luck.

Video Trick Tips: 
See video
See video
See video

by Crazylikeafox on Sun, 2006-01-29 19:06
this is the one trick you must learn, at first it may seem impossible but just keep trying and you'll eventually get it, don't be discouraged if others can do it before you because everyone learns at a different pace

by jessie101 on Fri, 2006-02-03 18:01
Major EDIT & Revision
>>For those who are still having troubles SPINNING the board:

Make sure before your pop the board that you put you front foot (the one you spin the board with) at and angle. The reason why is because this allows you to spin the board faster.

>>For those who keep having the board going behind them:

The reason to correct this is just to make sure you pop the board all the way till you hear the popping sound of the board (tail) and then you begin spinning/flicking the board.

EDIT: For those who cannot land it/keep the board under their feet:

The reason why the board dosen't land/stay underneath your feet is because there is not enough FEET on top of the board for it to stay under. Make sure your both of your foots ARE NOT hanging off to were you cannot balance on the board too well. If you don't the board will end up flying to were it's not underneath you. Also make sure that your feet aren't too far apart from each other. Pop, then slide your front foot to the left then land on the board.

- Make sure your front foot is angled (or you can keep it straght but is harder to get the board to flip)
- Make sure before you pop the board before you begin flipping
- Make sure your feet are not hanging too far off the board to were you cannot balance
- Make sure your feet aren't too far apart


by coolboy180 on Sat, 2006-02-18 07:28
Originally Posted by Penguinz
k, well i have been for quite a while like 2 weeks or so, ima still try and try cuz i like wat i do, but i jus donno wat im doing wrong and i know how to do it jus maybe lookin for some tips out there that might help (that arnt posted, ive tried them still cant land) i land sometimes but not often.
ok heres a tip for ya. when i first learned how to kickflip.I just took off the trucks and wheels (and this also helps without the grip tape).I just put my board on the ground and flipped it and landed it the FIRSTTIME!!!the thing most people are afraid of is that the wheels is going to hit their shins.or they will fall off it wen they do it. just dont be afraid. u have to go for it.

by NZ_Skater_Punk on Mon, 2006-02-27 01:18
thanks heaps! i just landed my first kickflip and just kept doing them. u made it heaps easier. it was sick. im telling every1 i know bout this site

by sk8orpie7 on Mon, 2006-02-27 08:48
Originally Posted by ZeRoSk8r
I can jump up and everything flip the board (under me) and i can only land with 1 foot......any advice???
yea dont be scared 2 put ur other foot on its real easy! good luck

by ATM* on Tue, 2006-02-28 20:49
Dang fo, same wit me, I can land it wit one foot, I got a hunch to learn this one...

by almost1312 on Sat, 2006-03-04 08:54
hey guys i think its pretty funny...i cannot kikflip..i cannot...if my life depended on it i would die....i can 3 flip,varial kik but cannot kikflip...lol...idk why

by Charlie_Major on Sat, 2006-03-04 09:00
Good tip but the sequence link doesnt work for me, it just sends me back to the main page. Does this do this to anyone elsE?

by aliensk84life on Sat, 2006-03-04 10:52
that is a lil helpful even though i dont need it those tricktips help out

by djk102091 on Fri, 2006-03-10 19:46
i can flip the board every time, i can flip it twice, i can flip it up a curb, i can flip it down a curb but i can never get my front foot on.. it always lands on the side like my body does a 90... can any1 help?


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