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Beginner's Guide to Skateboarding Pt. 2

I hope that this guide helps you. I'll add on more stuff later, post questions and i'll answer them when i can. Read the sections that you want.

When you're choosing your deck, make sure that you consider these things:

1)Concave - Concave is the curvature of the board. It is said that the deeper the soncave the easier it is to do flip tricks. I persoannly like a fairly deep concave. When you buy a deck make sure that when you stand on it the concave feels good on your feet

2) Width - Depending on the width of the board it will make it harder or easier to do tricks. A 7.5" to 7.6" is the most common. When you buy a deck make sure that your feet feel good on it and have a good amount of room for you to set up your feet on tricks. 7.75" to 8" is mosre for vert. Make sure you feel that it's comftorable for you're feet to stand on and ride. It is also said that the bigger your feet are then the wider a board you should get, this is mainly preference.

3) Pop/Tail - When you stand your board make sure that the tail feels good and nicely rests your foot and make sure it feels easy to pop the board; not to wide, not to high. It's mainly personal preferance but make sure that it feels comtorbale when you stand on your board.

P.S. On your skateboard the lower of the ends is the one that your back foot goes on.


1) Trucks - Most trucks are the same, they're all gonna make you turn. But, when you buy some trucks feel them in your hands to make sure that they're a good weight.

2) Size of Trucks:

7.5" truck axle - 7.5" to 7.75" wide board
7.75'" truck axle - 7.75" to 8" wide board
8" truck axle - 8" to 8.25" wide board

always know the width of your board so that you can choose the right trucks

Also, when a truck is given measurments by 5.0 or soemthing like that, it is the length of the grindable part, not the axle. Here's a helpful guide:

3.0 axle - 7.1"
3.5 axle - 7.75"
4.5 axles - 7.25"
4.75 axle - 7.5"
5.0 axle - 7.75"
5.25 axle - 8.0"

129mm axle - 7.75"
139mm axle - 8.0"
145mm axle - 7.75"
147mm axle - 8.0


1) Wheels are mostly all the same. They're all made the sam way, all of of urathayne although hardness varies*, they're just different sizes.

2) Wheels Size:
54mm and up - Vert
53mm - average
53 mm and down - street

87A - Cruiser riding, long boards, hill riding. Very rough surfaces.
95A - Street riding, rough surfaces, smooth, fast, and durable.
97A - All around street, skate park, ramp and pool. Smooth surfaces.
100A - Very hard with least grip. Not good on rough or too slick surfaces.
Choice of many top pros.

*all wheels are pretty much 98 - 100 hardness.

however there are much softer wheels which means you're in a for a smoother but slower ride, alos you wont be able to powerslide, in conclusion do not get soft wheels, unless you will be a filmer, in which you'll get a smoother ride for a better quality film.

Other stuff:

1) Risers - you don't really need risers, they just help prevent wheel bite, and help cushion landings. You can get them if you want, but wait until you know what kind of skateing you're gonna be doing

2) Hardware - All hardwares the same. I preffer Shorty's "Silverado's". The color doesn't really mater, it's just prefference. I preffer black and silver, it's help distinguish the tail from the nose. Set up the bolt's the way you want. With risers though, you'll need longer hardware (1" is fine)

3) Grip tape - all grip is the same, i like black magic though. Most shops put on the grip for you but here are some tips on putting grip on, and taking it off:

follow the links
appling the grip

removing grip


1) Bearings - Bearings are measured using the ABEC scale it goes from 3 to 7 in odd numbers. 3 is the slowest kind of bearings, 5 is the vaerage, and 7 is the fastest. Most bearings are the same. Bones Red's are the best because they're the cheapest and last a long time and go pretty fast. Tensor has even started making their own bearings, they're pretty good too, but i digress.

2) Purpose/Help - Bearings are usually sold i packs of 8 (2 ebarings per wheel) some are sold with tubes inbetween the 2 bearings in the wheel. This part usually get dirty fast and slows you down. So, you don't need to tube. To clean your bearings pop off the shield and soak them in an anti-dirt/oil cleaner and then re-clean them.

3) Removal and Insertion of Bearings: Click the link


1) Shoes- Try them on make sure they feel nice, ask your freinds and try ones on at skate shops. The best one in many peoples opinions are probable th eS Accels and the Emerica Tilts (I've had both and they're both good)


1) skateing is hard, and takes a long time to get good. Practice as much as you can. If you dont think your gonna stay with it don't but a fantastic complete. When you get stressed out from it thoug, just take a break and try again later.


1) Stance - Stance doesn't mater, it's just what feels comftorable

Regualer - Left foot in front; push with right foot
Goofy - Right foot in front; push with left

2)Mongo - Mongo isn't bad, it just gives you less board control, it's okay to push mongo, it's just looks kinda strange but, whatever.

Trick Tips Guides:



more tricks


ramp tips

old-school trick tips

P.S. Most things in skateing are personal prefference. Make sure that you don't get some to persuade you to buy something becuase they like it, buy iy cause you like it and it feels good.

- -=MuTT=-

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