Whitetrash's Top 5 - Week 9 AKKAQUILL

Heyo ! This week we have a true OG of Skateboard-city sharing his top 5. There are not many members still present with us that can date back to the 2003 join date and I think everyone that knows Akka, knows how cool he is and his top 5 confirms it. I hope you guys enjoy and leave some love or comments. Thanks for sharing some of your life with us dude !


5. Battlestation

This desk is my hub of creativity. I really wish it was bigger. This is where I do all of the graphic design for my screenprinting company, clients, and band. I also record some of my musical projects and occasionally do some gaming.

Vans Old Skool Review

The last pair of shoes I skated were Vans Half Cabs (which I forgot to review) and I wanted to buy another pair of different Vans since the Half Cabs felt too bulky for me.

Chris Joslin Encore

smoke weed

i suck mad toes


HUF Footwear: The Dylan

HUF Footwear proudly presents Dylan Rieder's first signature shoe for the brand. These shoes can be found for $120.00 from HUF Worldwide store.

"Constructed with only the highest-of-quality materials" -HUF Worldwide

Converse CONS: New team member!

Converse Cons has a new team member, Louie Lopez! Converse just published a montage of Louie ripping the local streets and skateparks in Los Angeles.