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Chris Joslin Encore
By Air at 2015-02-09 04:10

smoke weed

Kyle Frederick's Part
By Air at 2014-10-13 05:55

This dude really kills it! Watch this part and you probably want to go skate now! He makes the part even better with a sick ender!

HUF Footwear: The Dylan
By Air at 2014-07-08 03:58
HUF Footwear proudly presents Dylan Rieder's first signature shoe for the brand. These shoes can be found for $120.00 from HUF Worldwide store.

"Constructed with only the highest-of-quality materials" -HUF Worldwide

Converse CONS: New team member!
By Air at 2014-06-18 12:44
Converse Cons has a new team member, Louie Lopez! Converse just published a montage of Louie ripping the local streets and skateparks in Los Angeles.

X Games Real Street competitors 2014 are announced!
By Air at 2014-05-06 07:25

There will be sixteen competitors at X Games Austin’s all-video, all-street skateboarding competition, it's called Real Street.

All of these skateboarders have teamed with an editor that will produce a video which will present their amazing style and vision of street skating! So, there will be 16 video parts never-before-seen blasted out on May 13 on XGames.com/RealStreet! Be ready!


-Riley Hawk (Carlsbad, Calif.)skateboard city
-Forrest Edwards (Riverside, Calif.)
-James Hardy (Harvest, Alabama)
-Billy Marks (Corona, Calif.)
-Wes Kremer (San Diego, Calif.)
-David Reyes (Denver, Colo.)
-Tyler Surrey (San Diego, Calif.)
-Dane Burman (Sydney, Australia)
-Evan Smith (Orlando, Fla.)
-Rodrigo Petersen (Curitiba, Brazil)
-Nick Dompierre (New Bedford, Mass.)
-Mikey Taylor (Newbury Park, Calif.)
-Clint Walker (Altus, Okla.)
-Davis Torgerson (Plymouth, Minn.)
-Moose (Oxnard, Calif.)
-Luis Tolentino (Queens, N.Y.)

Ride It Sculpture Park - Phase 2
By Vivica at 2013-09-21 10:58

skateboard cityI've been fascinated for years about the fate of Detroit... Motor City. As somebody who works in finance, and has a great love of cars (admittedly less so American cars!) i find it absolutely amazing that in well under 50 years city can go from nothing, to the automotive capital of America, and back to nothing.

For those unaware, in the years that the auto industry in Detroit was at its height thousands of people began to leave the city to live in the suburbs, and then in the years up to the collapse and bankruptcy of General Motors in 2009 (and more so since then), Detroit has been overstretched and mismanaged, and as a result thousands morepeople have left the city. This has left hundreds of buildings deserted, from houses to libraries.

Now as a skateboarder, i see things a certain way, hopefully the same way you see things - to me an empty building isn't all bad - it's an opportunity!


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