Featured Video Fridays

aka. 50 Seconds of Fame is coming back!

With Guaranteed Prizes!

Check out the Featured Videos page and the announcement in the forum for more info.

EA's SKATE - Ragdoll Physics

Checkout the latest uploaded demo's of EA's SKATE Video Game coming out.

I can safely tell you I'm not being paid to say this, but this game looks amazing...

Sbc Trick tip video

Soulicity and Kristian's Sbc trick tip video is now up!
Next years video will come sooner than you think, so you better start saving spots.

How much time do you spend skating in a week?

* 1 Hour or less\n* 1-4 Hours\n* 5+Hours\n* You mean people acctually stop?\n

How to Remove and re-apply griptape

So, you may have scratched your griptape up practicing those ever tough darkslides to the point that it is unusable. Or maybe, you just want to hold off on buying a new skateboard because you think you can get a few more weeks wear out of your current one. Or maybe your stupid shop gave you black magic grip tape instead of your ever favorite mob. Whatever the reason is, I'm going to teach you how to remove your grip tape and how to re apply it on your board. You may be thinking "can't I just put the grip over my old grip?" NO!!! no no no!

Camp Woodward

Camp Woodward. What can I say about this brilliant place? Recently, I traveled to Woodward East for a week, and I have to say, this camp was the highlight of my skateboarding life. Even now, in retrospect, as I think about the time I’ve had there, I’m getting the excitement jitters. Woodward is the pinnacle of skateboarding parks/camps. This is the ultimate action sports getaway.

The Cabins

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