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eS Game Of SKate 2007 US tour
By Ghost at 2007-05-12 22:12

The 2007 schedule for the eS game of skate tournaments has been up!
Schedule is as follows:

June 2 Honolulu, HI APB Skate Shop 808-585-8538

June 9 Phoenix, AZ Cowtown Skateboards 602-212-9687

June 10 Orange, CA Active Ride Shop 714-221-1094

June 16 San Francisco, CA FTC 415-626-0663

June 18 Portland, OR Exit Real World 503-551-2094

June 19 Seattle, WA Snowboard Connection 206-467-8545

July 7 Venice Beach, CA Active Ride Shop 310-857-1360

July 8 Camarillo, CA Revolution 805-376-1969

Emerica Herman
By BobbyGanoosh at 2007-05-06 20:59

The Emerica Herman is a Pro Model shoe designed by Bryan Herman.

Style: What bad can I say? It’s basically the reason I bought shoe. They look great in all the color ways, and can easily go with any type of clothing you wear. The design is pretty basic for a skate shoe, yet it’s effective.

Etnies Mc Raps
By miniman at 2007-05-06 12:44

Introduction: The Etnies mc rap, now this is a shoe that has a look of its own. These are quite old shoes and may be hard to get but i got this shoe on discount and boy was it worth the buy.

Style: This was the shoe that alot of shoes now copy the design and are what i class as the traditional skate shoe, you can get them in many different colours but i opted for orange and blue with white/orange soles as they look dam sexy in my opinoin in this colour.

Basic Key Framing in Adobe After Effects
By Username at 2007-05-05 14:35

Basic Key Framing in Adobe After Effects
Written By- Username

Ok the first thing you are going to do is fire up After Effects and begin a New Composition. Then you’re going to right click the timeline and click New-> Text. Type whatever you want because this is just a tutorial to practice key framing. After that go ahead and reposition your text with the selection tool until it’s in the center. So far you should have something like this.

DVS Jeron Wilson 3
By skating the USA at 2007-05-05 14:28

The shoe that I will be reviewing today is the DVS Jeron Wilson 3 model.

I will be breaking this review down into:
Board feel

So let the shoe review begin!

Lakai Kost-One
By BobbyGanoosh at 2007-04-08 19:33

The Lakai Kost-One is a pro model shoe designed by Eric Koston

The main features are:

  • Leather upper with breathable mesh and perforations.
  • Form fitting upper provides increased board feel.
  • Optional hidden lacing system.
  • Full length shock absorbing insole.
  • Heel pulls for easy installation.

Style/Look: There are many different colorways for this shoe. There is at least one for everyone. This is a very flashy shoe, and can be worn with any color pants (if that means anything to you.)


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