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Etnies Arto 2
By BobbyGanoosh at 2007-06-24 20:01

The Etnies Arto 2 is a pro model shoe designed by Arto Saari

The main features are:

• Designed by Arto Saari.
• Suede and textile upper on a vulcanized rubber outsole.
• System G2 inserted into the heel for cushioning.
• Single padded tongue with elastic centering straps.

The Complete Bearing Guide
By hanyo66 at 2007-06-20 17:59

Ok, I've seen quite a few people asking about bearings on a daily basis. In this guide I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about what makes that wheel spin on that axel.

We'll address this in an FAQ format.

What is a bearing?
A bearing is the circular component that fits into your wheel and lets the wheel spin properly and efficiently on the truck's axel. Included inside the bearing are the balls which help the actual bearing spin. There are between 4-8 balls inside your bearing, depending on what kind you buy.

What are the different sizes?

Making a Skate Video
By BobbyGanoosh at 2007-05-31 12:54

So you’re getting good at skating, huh? Think you’ve got a shot at a sponsorship? Or maybe you just feel like making a montage for fun. Well, either way, there are many important things to follow in order for it to turn out great!

Picking the Song

Krooked Skateboards Review
By BobbyGanoosh at 2007-05-31 12:19

Krooked Skateboards is a deck company out of San Francisco, created by Mark Gonzales and Distributed by Deluxe. Mark Gonzales creates the artwork for almost all of the decks. The skaters on the pro team sketch it out, then The Gonz Finishes it up on the deck. The Pro team consists of Bobby Worrest, Dan Drehobl, Van Wastell, and of course, Mark Gonzales. Krooked also has guest riders, in which The Gonz can choose any skater he likes, ask him if they want a guest deck, and he will make it!

What is a skateboarder?
By shampoo at 2007-05-24 11:10

It's been awhile guys, I might not be writing again. Just a quick thought I had today...what makes someone a skateboarder??? How do you define a "skater"? In a dictionary you would find, "a person who skateboards." (Take that into account the next time you call someone a poser. That little kid down the street who started up a week ago riding Walmart is quite literally a skateboarder.) That simple a definition, however, only leads to further controversy.

Nike 6.0 Review
By V3 at 2007-05-18 10:20

After buying some Nike 6.0's., I noticed some things I liked, and some things I didnt like.

Pros- The Nike 6.0 has great cushion, almost like a gel when you slide your foot in, making it very comfortable and easy to walk/skate long distances in without your feet hurting. Also, the holes in the front of the shoe allow air to pass through, keeping your feet cool. Another thing that makes these shoes popular is that they come in almost every size, from kids to adult sizes.


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