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Nike SB Thread
By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-10-01 17:23
This IS the place to put comments, thoughts and questions about Nike SB.

Don't like Nike SB? Hate on them here.

Love Nike SB? Write about how amazing they are here.


Some Tips on practicing
By Ghost at 2006-09-30 16:52

woaaah, alright well i took some time off from skating and I guess I'm back now with this article.

Okay, so you want to learn a new trick eh? But you don't know where to start, The only thing you know is to log on to www.Skateboard-city.com and get some trick tips. Im going to give you some tips on practicing starting with the obvious.

The first and most obvious thing you have to do is: Know what trick you want to Learn. You cant learn a trick if you dont know what your doing, Next is get some tips on that trick, from friends who can do them, skateboard-City's Trick tip pages, or any other skateboard site, like transworld. Watch and or read the trick tips and commit the important things to memory.

New Content Column coming to SB-C
By Slapdown at 2006-09-22 12:51

Hey guys! I understand I haven't posted content in a while, and this is due to being busy (alcoholism) and work (university), but I still want to help out this site.

A while ago, Tom-E and I had an idea about a column that would be really good for the content section.

Basically, you guys write to me, tell me what you want to hear my opinions on skateboard wise, and I'll do my best to write about each.

I understand the concept of this my sound very pompous, like my opinion actually matters, but being creative is very hard when you drink more alcohol than water, but I love to give my opinions on things.

Nike SB Dunk Low
By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-09-09 02:07
Price Range: $70-$85 (store retail)
Ratings are out of 10
Suede Durability: 7
Sole Durability: 6
Foot Protection: 3
Insole: 5
Comfort: 6
Overall: 6*

*NOTE: That even with low scores this is a simple shoe, that I had very good performance from.

+Padded tongue
+Tongue straps
+No lace tears
+Good material
-Very little foot protection

Durability of the shoe

Dc Skate Plaza
By SkaterForLife117 at 2006-08-25 16:24

Dc Skate Plaza The first question that you might have is what is a skate plaza? A skate plaza is a skate park that is built like a real street environment, not like a skatepark. The DC skate plaza was designed by DC team rider Rob Dyrdek. The skate plaza is located in Kettering, Ohio, 45540 on 2675 East Stroop Road. What’s in the plaza? The skate plaza consists of various stair sets and ledges. The stairs range from two to twelve sets and the hand rails range from three to twelve sets.

Should the internet be handled as other everyday things?
By shampoo at 2006-08-18 21:03

In light of the recent spam attacks on SkaterCafe, and a lot of the fighting and arguing on the boards, I've been thinking......Is the internet really meant to be handled as a real life situation?

Most of SB-C's regular members have seen the goods and bads of a messageboard.  People can communicate freely, share ideas, get help, find product.....but the downside is the potential indecent exposure to curse words, sexual pictures, racism, stereotypes and so on.

But does "messageboard hatred" really influence us? Should we brush it off as careless ignorance, or take it seriously, even as seriously as legal actions?  I've seen all the names spouted out, all the racial slurs, and I will definitely admit to having used them. But does this constitute harassment and discrimination?


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