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Why We Skateboard?
By kristian at 2006-11-27 15:22

A question often asked by many people to us skateboarders is "Why do you do it?" This is definitly understandable because, let's get real people, If you don't skateboard and you see what seems like a bunch of idiots riding a plank of wood around, you're going to wonder why they do it. I mean, it's a very rediculous invention if you think about it. Did the person who invented the skateboard just say one day "hey, i'm making a plank of wood with wheels on it and it will become one of our fastest growing activities of all time"? Not likely. Anyways, back to the point.

Sony VX1000 FAQ
By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-11-25 20:28
I'm bored as ***** I guess I'll tell you guys everything you need to know about the Sony VX1000 if you ever intend on buying one.
How old is the VX1000?
The VX1000 was realeased in 1995, but was discontinued in 1999. You can ONLY get them on eBay or the SP classifieds nowadays.
what are the benifits of having a VX1000?
The VX1k (when put in the right hands so to speak) can offer the best looking colors and sound for the price. VX2_00's seem to have a light blueish tint in most footy, and are more expensive (duh).
What are some drawbacks of having a VX1000?

Improving Your Style
By Ghost at 2006-11-10 18:44



First off let me speak, many of you guys that know me and have seen me skate in the past, are probably thinking: What does Ghost know about style? His style is garbage. Actually, that was a long time ago, about 4 months was the last time I posted footy with bad style up. My last video about a month ago my style had improved significantly. I took advice from a lot of you guys and stopped learning new tricks and worked on style. So my style is great now. Anyways on to the article.

So. you have garbage style like I had, your friends complain about it a lot, when you post footy on SB-C you get flamed for your style and you're now wondering how to improve it. Well I have a few tips for you.

Slow Registration / Forgotten Password E-mails
By Tom-E at 2006-11-09 17:09
There was a problem with slow e-mails coming out of our forum. If a new user were to sign up, the e-mail would arrive several hours late, instead of a couple seconds....
The problem has been fixed, enjoy speedy deliveries!

Nike SB Zoom Air P-Rod Review
By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-10-11 22:25

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Shoe

This is the first and only signature shoe from Nike SB, in honor of Paul Rodriguez Jr.


The Don't Do It Army Campaign
By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-10-02 00:45

What is the Don’t Do It Army, you ask? Well, it seems today that companies are becoming more aware of their grassroots and preserving the soul and culture of skateboarding. By doing so, this means trying to stop the “infiltrating” large sporting good companies from getting into the skateboard industry. Consolidated skateboards, out of Santa Cruz, have taken this view to a whole new level. They have created an ad campaign titled, “Don’t Do It!” They have even gone as far as kicking off Emeric Pratt and Seth Mcallum from their team, for being sponsored by Nike SB.


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