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How to Mount a Skateboard on Your Wall
By grimcity at 2007-01-05 13:49

Lots of skateboarders have decks that have some sort of sentimental value... some of us have boards that we hold onto because they're limited editions, the graphics are tight, they're autographed, or maybe the skater just has special memories associated with the plank in question. This article will show you one of several ways to hang a board on your wall so that you can enjoy the graphic, and allow your prized possession to be a work of art.

One of the complications with hanging a board is that they don't rest flatly on the wall... the nose and/or tail cause them to pop out a few inches, so nailing them directly is out of the question (unless you have some pretty long nails). Another problem with nailing the board directly is that you run the risk of missing the nail and smashing into the board itself... which may not matter if it's a used board, but if you're trying to mount a board while keeping the graphic in mint condition, consider this method. Here's an example of two (of several) boards I recently got around to mounting:

Merry Christmas!
By Tom-E at 2006-12-24 00:50

Merry Christmas to all!

Skateboard-City received it's share of presents today!

The release of the Skateboard-City Bag of Tricks Video along with our Forum reaching 1 million posts!

Great job everyone who was a part of the Bag of Trick's video! And of course, a great job by everyone who is part of this site in any which way. January 2007 marks Skateboard-City's 7th Birthday!

1 million posts is a huge landmark! The great job our moderators do to keep things clean, our writers to entertain you, and of course our members's is what keeps pushing this board (and site) forward! (pun intended)

SB-C - Bag of Tricks
By kristian at 2006-12-23 23:56

Skateboard-City's first full length instructional skate video. Skateboard-City's Bag of Tricks:

eS Square One
By shampoo at 2006-12-19 10:10

Imagine if Mr. Reynolds 3 had a baby with Miss eS Accel, now

what would you have?....

One beauty of a shoe, the eS Square One.

Available in: black/blue, black, brown, tan, red/white/black,

Nintendo Wii and Zelda
By Tom-E at 2006-12-14 13:29

Being one of those who camped out for the Wii on November 18th, I thought I'd share my experiences and reviews of the console and Zelda.

For those who have never camped out, it's something I recommend. I arrived with several friends 12 hours before store opening. We were 14th - 18th in line, and there were supposed to be 54 consoles selling that day. Camping out was a fun deal. It was a mild fight for survival in cold November weather... But someone was constantly going off to buy food or hot drinks. Lot's of people were playing multi-player DS games. By lot's I mean like.. 15

12 Days of ...Problems?!
By Tom-E at 2006-12-14 01:22

Quite fitting to Christmas season, we have encountered 12 days of problems here. Due to an improper server reboot, our databased crashed, causing some strange bug, unheard of even to the Mullen himself... Who knows.

Either way, things seem to be fixed. Terribly sorry it took so long, and yes I didn't sleep either.

From now on I think I will no longer be waiting for support to do our dirty work, but get right to it myself. 12 Days is beyond reasonable time, a temporary fix is all that was needed.



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