Etnies Facto review

Some background info. Etnies footwear is one of the oldest skate shoe companies in the world, being around for over twenty years. They've housed many great skaters through their time and released the first pro model shoe. The modern pro team consists of Ryan Sheckler, Arto Saari, Ali Boulala, Jason Dill, Ronnie Creager, Elissa Steamer, Rune Gilfberg and Kyle Leeper. Also, since Etnies is such a popular shoe brand, people tend to automatically think they're bad skate shoes. Here's a shocker, though, you know those Emericas and eS's you love so much? They're all the same shoes.

Skateboard and Truck Review: Rodney Mullen Uber Light and a set of Tensor Response trucks

This review is roughly 23 minutes long and pretty wordy.

Skateboarding- An intro

I happened to be skating down the street the other day and ran into a kid of about 11 or 12 years old on a Bam board. I stopped and started talking to him and asked him how long he's been skating. "About two years", he said. So we ended up in a game of skate and I was shocked. Two years and the kid could barely ollie. I've noticed a trend happening that kids are not progressing at all in skating. A semi-friend of mine has also been skating for around three years, longer than me, and can barely pop-shove. He skates more than me, also.


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Miniramp plans

So, we all should be well aware that, no matter how long you've been skating, mini-ramps are fun as hell. They support pretty much any style of skating, from street-style flips to vert style airs, it can be done a nice mini. One problem, though. What if their aren't any public minis? Who really wants to pay $15 a day to skate an indoor park? No one. That is why I am providing you with a nice plan for a mini that will keep you entertained day after day.
The ramp you are making should be approximately 4 feet high by 8 feet wide. A perfect size.

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