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BlankDecks.com Monster Steep Concave
By ispitfire at 2006-07-29 14:37

   I recently got my new blank decks that I ordered from http://blankdecks.com/ . I ordered the 10 pack of "Monster steep concave" because I wanted something with decent concave obviously. I just started skating the deck and there were a few things I noticed. First being that the board had a large nose and tail which is good. Second is that it had good pop but it wasn't the concave I was really looking for. The concave was good, but after skating a ZooYork for a while, I really got used to skating a deck with a lot of concave. Third is that it took a little for me to get my into doing tricks consistantly on this board, but that is all part of getting used to a new board.

Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm (2004)
By Marevix at 2006-07-29 13:57

Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm (2004)

ZP Theart - Lead vocals
Herman Li - Lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Sam Totman - Lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Adrian Lambert - bass guitar, backing vocals
Dave Mackintosh - Drums
Vadim Pruzhanov - Keyboards

Sonic Firestorm is Dragonforce's second album, after their debut album Valley of the Damned (2003). In this album, the musical style is similar, but with subtle differences, to their sound on their previous releases. Keyboards now play a larger role in the music, evident particularly on Fields of Dispair and Soldiers of the Wasteland. Every song on the album is loaded with creative and epic vocal melodies that often form the focus point of the songs. No song on this album goes without multiple guitar solos, and many tracks also feature keyboard solos in addition to the shredwork. On this album, bassist Adrian Lambert and drummer Dave Mackintosh replace Didier Almouzni and Diccon Harper from the Valley of the Damned lineup. This album retains their speed/power metal mixture from their previous releases, and adds video game influences to the guitar and keyboard work. Many Dragonforce fans claim Sonic Firestorm to be their best release, but this is easily debatable and their best release in the ears of a listener depends mainly on musical preference.

The average song length has increased from Valley of the Damned, the shortest tracks weighing in the five minute range, and Soldiers of the Wasteland dragging on for nearly ten minutes, the rest remaining 6-7 minutes long. Sonic Firestorm has eight tracks, along with a bonus track on the Japanese release. With this album, Dragonforce started a trend in having a "featured" track start off the album, as witnessed on Valley of the Damned and continued with Inhuman Rampage. The band almost always plays these featured tracks in their live set.

Sonic Firestorm is a very solid release, maintaining a level of quality throughout the entire album that is bound to amaze. I reccomend it to any fan of metal, especially those who enjoy speed, thrash, power metal, or any other Dragonforce releases.

Pro Decks vrs. Blank Decks
By shampoo at 2006-07-28 11:29

Pro Decks:

As any seasoned skater will tell you, graphics don't mean **** in skateboarding....but keep in mind, a pro company may still be the choice for you. There are many different styles and shapes, and each is reflected through a company's different molds of decks. Wether you want a mellow shaped deck for control, like Girl/Chocolate, or a sturdy deck like Baker, you can find them with pro companies. It's easier finding the size and shape you want from pro companies, because they make various molds. Also, you can stick with your favorite company, rock their boards, follow the footsteps of your favorite pro. ~The downside as anyone will tell you, is the price. If you've not been skating long, a deck can last you a good half a year....but plenty others break decks in a week or two. So, it's a little hefty to dish out $50 once or twice a month for a pro deck. However, it can be a wise idea to buy pro decks at Christmas and other times when on sale.

Some good sites:

Blank Decks:

Now we see, the economic approach to skating---The Blank deck.
Blank decks have stood the test of time, the generic skate board. They're cheap, you don't feel as guilty paying the price, you don't lose sleep over a broken board this way. Blank decks have become so popular, they now come in many different colors, sizes and shapes...but you have to search a lot harder to find them.
Now, the downside to blanks? You never know if a certain blank company is good or not until you try them. There are plenty blank companies out there with horrible decks, soggy, weak, no concave, horrible pop.......It can get frustrating. But, there are good blank deck companies, and your local skateshop might have a good blank deck.

Here is an excellent blank decks site.

eS Accel and Accel Plus
By shampoo at 2006-07-28 11:27

I've had 3 of these shoes now, over the past half year. I enjoy skating them, and they do look pretty stylish.

Now, before you get confused, these shoes are virtually the same. The only differences are the G2 heel and Ankle strap on the Accel plus. Otherwise, they are the shame shoe.

Right off the bat, I loved these shoes, they are EXTREMELY comfortable, and they have a nice design. They skate better than the other shoes I've had since I started skating 2 years ago, and you can wear them tight for you Krew fans, or you can leave them poofy and chill for you baggy pants skaters.

Is skateboarding a sport to you?

* Yes\n* No\n* \n* \n* \n

Skateboarders treated as second class citizens
By Slapdown at 2006-07-27 17:54

Today, I was skating a seven set in London, when I experienced one of the weirdest kick-outs I'd ever experienced.

 Me and some friends were skating this seven on Thames Path. It's a seven set on a through path, which links the pathway to the main road, so doesn't really belong to any kind of building or block of offices.

 It was around 6 p.m. in the evening, possibly closer to 7 p.m, meaning all offices were shut down, and there was no-one using the stair set. For what its worth, the place was desolate.

Only two of us were actually skating the set. It had been a long day, and everyone was tired, but my friend and I kept going at it. "Skate 'til death", right?


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