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Awake: Chris Joslin
By Air at 2015-02-04 13:25

Venture Trucks released a video including unseen footage of Chris Joslin. Warning: This video makes you wanna skate!

Insta-Sunday #52 - 01/02/2015
By Vivica at 2015-02-01 09:52

skateboard city

theseattleskater submitted this awesome wallride by Dane Barker. Have to make the most of indoor spots during the winter.

Think you can do better? Submit your own photo's here!

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Supra Avex
By Air at 2015-01-22 08:49

Supra Footwear presents their new Avex team model shoes. Keelan Dadd did give them a try, and here's a video of Keelan skating with them. The Avex is available at skate shops worldwide. The price is currently $80.00 on Supra Footwear website.

Shorty's Silverado's - Why i love 'em!
By Vivica at 2014-12-29 08:02

Click to EnlargeAs well as the Real popslickle deck and Bones bearings mentioned in my previous posts, the guys over at SkateAmerica.com have hooked us up with some Shorty's Silverados... Now i know what you're probably thinking, what can be said about hardware that you don't already know? We are only talking about nuts and bolts after all... Aren't they all the same?

In function, certainly... All hardware is pretty much the same. But I think it is worth us all paying homage to Shorty's Silverado hardware, in fact no, to Shorty's as a whole, not just their hardware.
This small company, small at least by today's corporate skateboarding standards, has been a mainstay in skateboarding since it was started (by the ever illusive Tony Buvalos) in the early 90's, going largely unappreciated in comparison to a lot of the big names, most notably in comparison to Powell and Bones, with whom Shorty's has something of an ongoing feud due to historical bad blood with George Powell. This is documented quite well on both Shorty's website, and on their Facebook/Instagram pages. While Nike, Hypebeast, and Supreme have infiltrated the scene Shorty's hasn't tried to fight back... They've just kept doing what they do, and have been doing it better than anyone!

Insta-Sunday #51 - 21/12/2014
By Vivica at 2014-12-21 14:59

skateboard city

D-360 submitted this wicked heelflip this week, down the super wide 6 stair at the new Grant Skatepark in Chicago.

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Insta-Sunday #50 - 07/12/2014
By Vivica at 2014-12-07 09:07

skateboard city

SBC Rook MCRK submitted this photo this week, shot by his friend Yoan.
The trick is a mind boggling no comply wallie over the door gap to 5-0! We're waiting for the footy of the make!

Check out their website at MinuitAudioVisual.com for more radness!

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