5 Tips to make you a better skater.

Alright well while I was in school, these tips just popped into my head so this kinda caught me off guard, so this will hopefully be a brief explanation of some tips that will hopefully help even the most seasoned skaters get better.

1 Skate with People better than you
This tip may be hard for some of you seeing that you may not know anybody that skates or you may be the best skater around. Well you still need to get out and find people better than you at competitions. But skating with people who are better than you on a regular basis helps you out tremendously, not only can they point out what your doing wrong, but you should want to get better so you will be able to skate on their level.

2 Think about skating.
Alright, to skate well, you need to know the mechanics of your skateboard. You need to know which corners of the board make the skateboard flip which way. You need to know what putting your weight in a certain spot does to that skateboard. Simply explore your skateboard and what it can do. Thinking about skateboarding is the easiest of these tips, you dont even have to do anything! Simply put, think about the mechanics of your skatebaoard, concentrate on if, then functions.

3 Skate outside your comfort zone.
Skate faster than normal, push what you would normally do. Don't be happy with ollieing that five stair. Go for six or seven, or even try to kickflip it. Don't be stupid though, don't go straight from ollieing that five stair to el toro. But expand your skating to not just including what you're used to.
Simply put, Just skate harder, faster, and better.

Hopefully you guys all do this, practicing is essential in getting better. But one thing you have to make sure is dont practice bad technique. One of my favorite quotes is "Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect." You should go by this, practice hard. I made a thread on practicing a while ago and here it is if you need some more help on this: http://www.skateboard-city.com/some-tips-on-practicing.html

5 Watch skate videos.
Watching skate videos whether you think so or not will help you a lot. Professional skateboarders didn't get to be pros for no reason. They're good at skating whether you believe it or not. Skateboarding videos will teach you a lot, I'm not saying you should imitate thier style though. Style is a unique trait that each person needs to develop on thier own. But you should watch pros to see how they do tricks and for tips and things like that. Also for pure enjoyement. Think of it this way, a Journalist or writer doesnt get better by not exposing themselves to other media. They read! That's what you need to do with videos.

So basically, these five tips were just a few ways that you can get better, obviously you need to do a lot more than just whats on this list but this is just a reference of things. I hope this helps, but as I said it was brief so I hope somebody got something out of this. In short, just remember:

-Skate with people better than you.
-Skate outside your comfort zone.
-Think about skating, know the mechanics.
-Watch Skate videos, learn from pros.

Thats it for today, I'm out.