Whitetrash’s Top 5 – Week 5 FUDOPI

This week we have OG member Fudopi sharing his top 5 with us mixing it up with a variety of different things that make up parts of his life. I really dug it and as a fellow dog lover number 5 was my favorite haha As always PM me if you are down to get involved in one of these as they will be continuing to unfold weekly ! For now enjoy checking out this one and leave some love 🙂 !

MEMBER – FUDOPI – TOP 5 http://www.skateboard-city.com/messageboard/member.php?u=33032

1. My hat

I have a lot of hats, especially Tigers hats, but this one is my favorite. I wear it just about everywhere. People don’t recognize me without it, I wore a different hat to work once and my boss thought I wasn’t there. But this is significant for me aside from being a piece of clothing people associate with me, I’m a huge baseball (and sports in general) fan, and I’m really close with my dad, and I was really close with my grandpa until he passed away last summer. And baseball was how we always connected ever since I was a baby. I like this one the best cause it has the 84 world series patch and they haven’t won one in my life time, but my dad would always talk about how great 1984 was.

2. This game

is one of the best games of a generation. It had a cool ass story, and the 80s-miami vibe was fun. This game takes me back too cause when I was a kid, my parents and my aunt both worked all the time so my cousins would stay at our place every day in the summer. And once it started to get dark we’d come inside and either play this, Tekken (2,3,4), road rash, duke nukem, or mortal kombat all night. And as a kid playing video games with your cousins or friends until you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore was always fun.

3. One of my favorite restaurants

I guess top 5 is supposed to be our top 5 things we own, and I don’t own a restaurant, but whatever… this is one of my favorite restaurants from my hometown. It’s a cool place, good food (it’s like, coney dogs, burgers with coney sauce on em, really good onion rings and some other shit), and it’s locally owned and has been in the same place for decades. On every tuesday in the summer they have a classic car show, which turns out way better than you’d expect for a random restaurant in the middle of a city. There’ll be classic cars up and down the block and all over the parking lots around the place and a bunch of people just hangin out. If any of the michigan members are ever in Lansing you should go there.

4. My traffic cone

that’s my living room at this very moment. We stole a traffic cone and I MacGyver’d it into a lamp, which is what I’m most proud of. Actually pretty much everything in there is either stolen or won by betting on beer pong games at house parties, it’s about 50/50. There’s more random shit we just didn’t know what to do with so it’s under the couch. There’s a street sign, and entrance sign for an apartment complex. I took a bar stool a few weeks ago. I mean we’d never take anything important/valuable but we got some cool shit.

5. My dog(s~)

The first one is the one my family got when I was 6. She’s almost 15 now. She’s a german shepherd/australian shepherd mix. The second one isn’t really mine but I’ve taken care of her since my friend went to jail and I have no idea when he’s getting out, so I’ll include her too. She’s a pit mixed with something, probably bullmastiff. She’s still a puppy too, only like 8 months old. Drunk kids get scared when I walk her at night on weekends but she’s friendly. I like dogs a lot, they’re pretty cool.