Whitetrash’s Top 5 – Week 4 LISZTOMANIA

This week we have everyone’s favorite member Lisztomania sending us his top 5 from his mission, it’s a bit different but it’s a treat. With the grown interest in this I’m going to start doing these weekly instead of fortnightly so as always if your interested PM me, for the others who have them lined up, stay tuned for the weekly check outs with our members. Anyway for now enjoy and leave some love for Liszto !

MEMBER – LISZTOMANIA – TOP 5 http://www.skateboard-city.com/messageboard/member.php?u=49762

1. My Little Brother Caleb

Caleb, before I left on my mission a year ago, was hyper and happy. When I gave him a hug telling him that I was going to be leaving he fell quiet and sad. He did not totally understand the concept of time that I was leaving for a long time. I shed a tear. I skyped him on Christmas day and he is still mad at me, but I know that what I am doing is blessing my whole family’s life.

2. Skateboard

My skateboard was sent out to me unexpectedly by my mom. I made an internal decision that I was going to be fine without my board for 2 years. I came home from proselyting one day and there it was, leaning against our apartment door. All wrapped in babblewrap. I still don’t skate everyday like I’d like to, but in less than A YEAR i WILL BE BACK ON THE WOOD EVERYDAY.

3. My name tag

This may seem like a weird thing to be put in a top 5, but I am going to tell you why. I have aspired to go on a mission ever since I was five years old. I am sure all you know now that I am a religious person. I am not one to go around forcing anything down anyone’s throat. But I do try to live what I believe. I believe that missionary work is important. When I was five my parents invited missionaries over weekly. My dad was not a member of the Mormon church, my mom was. My dad accepted taking the missionary discussions & soon after he testified to my mom and the missionaries that what they were teaching him was the missing thing in his life. My dad did not like church. He did not like religion. But he found this church to hold the truths he was looking for. He passed away. But I know he is not dead. He is happy. And this mission I am serving, I feel I am also serving with him. I looked up to missionaries my whole life, and now I am one. It is hard, it is full of heart ache and mixed emotions, but I seriously feel that this is the most important thing that I have ever done in my life.

4. Library Computers

This is the only way I can communicate with my family. And i can only do it once a week. Mission life is weird, because throughout this time, this 2 years, I am seriously oblivious to anything happening anywhere unless it is told to me by someone. I found out about Robin Williams 2 weeks late. Like missionaries are seriously super knowledgeably-declined when it comes to everyday news, updates, or “important” things of today. I don’t know any of the new songs on the radio except for the “Take me to Church” and i don’t really care for that song too much. I don’t listen to the radio ever anyways, but lately I will go onto pitchfork and listen to some new music. I enjoy the time I get to go on a computer and get a little tuned in.

5. My Usb

Anything & everything I find important and downloadable is on my usb. I have a lot on it, and I would be a little devastated if I lost it. This is, & I guess my journal, too, where I have all my feelings & things needed to help me go throughout each day. Music especially. I have inspirational devotionals and speeches that uplift me, music that saves me, & pictures that push me to keep going. This top 5 may be the cheesiest and weirdest one of the sets yet, but for right now I guess these are my top 5’s. After the mission it’ll definitely change.