Whitetrash’s Top 5 – Week 1 WT

Alright I was thinking about starting a new tradition here on good ole Sb-c and thought about doing a fortnightly Top 5 with a new member each fortnight. Basically posting up five things in your life or house that you like or could mean something to you with a bit of a back story with it.

This isn’t going to be anything massive like MOTM sometimes was, just a couple of sentences on the item or whatever. I’ll make sure that after each one is posted i’ll get in touch with a member and see if they are interested in being the next one, then they can put up the photos and back story in a private message to me and i’ll hopefully continue to steadily post these every fortnight. If anyone is interested in doing one just message me with your top 5 etc, if not I’ll pick the member/see if they have any interest doing it and we can work it that way. I think it may be a cool way to see a bit more into who or how our members are and even if it doesn’t turn out how I expect it to well at least it gives you guys an extra thread to read every 2 weeks and we could see some cool stuff you guys have hahaha

If any of that still isn’t clear feel free to post any questions and I figured I’d start this thing with doing one myself:


My first guitar

A few months ago it occurred to me theres so many things in life that people say “I’d like to do that” or “Wish I could do this” blah blah, anyway guitar was one of those things for me and I don’t want to grow old and think fuck wish i did all of these things. So went out and bought one, currently learning and I love it.


After hours poster

In 2013 I went travelling around the UK and Europe from the start of December until the first of February, I ended up spending Christmas with a girl I met there and I guess she knew me pretty well because I got this awesome poster from her, I got it hanging up and I think it’s the coolest thing. First time I saw snow on that trip too so good memories with it haha


Zero deck.

Skateboarding has been in my life for over a decade and Jamie Thomas was a massive reason to why I got into it, I always loved Zero decks and I always loved this American Zero deck but I could never find it in Australia when it was out. Anyway years went by and on my first visit to America in 2008 I saw it in a store. I didn’t care what size it was or anything I wanted it, haven’t skated it let alone take it out of the plastic (could be taken as weird but whatever haha) it’s just a perfect piece of memorabilia to represent my first trip to the states and the good times I had (American zero graphic) and skateboarding too.


My dog Duff.

Brought this guy home almost 5 years now, when I’m home he is always only a few feet away, most loyal best dog ever (although I’m sure most can say that about their dog). Worst part about travelling is leaving him behind but I think he understands by now.


Way bad prints.

I got these as a Christmas present to myself last year haha it’s a small company called Way Bad located in Canada, I love the dudes drawings and actually got one tattoo’d on me (not either of these prints) but I think these are pretty cool and back the dude and his company a lot so a shout out to him and links if anybody wants to check out his other stuff: