Dwindle Wood Review

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All Dwindle Distribution decks are made in China at DSM Workshop.

(This is the deck I had.)

Now on to the review…


The decks concave isn’t very deep at all. It’s right between flat and deep leaning towards the flat side a little more. A thing I noticed with a lot of Dwindle Decks is that the nose is noticeably bigger than the tail, so that would give you a lot of pop for your fakie or nollie tricks. The dip before the nose and tail are really defined which will most likely help you with your flip tricks.

Wood Quality/Durability

The quality of the deck isn’t great at all. It just doesn’t feel solid at all compared to my Threat deck. The deck might flex very little if you weigh more like me, however you probably won’t notice it at first. After I learned how to ollie i noticed that the deck was razor tailing pretty fast. For it razor tailing and squaring fast it still held it’s pop for a while before I had to stop using it because there was pretty much no tail. When you first get a Dwindle deck it is really great, but it just does maintain it’s quality over it’s lifespan as well as some other brands.

The pop is great for a while, but it starts to get really bad later. That happens with every deck, but Dwindle decks will do it faster. Slowly but surely the tail will start to become soggy to where you can’t do any tricks. By the time your done with it the tail will be totally flattened. While it has it pop it is great.

Would I Buy Another One/Would I Recommend Buying One?
I would probably would not buy another Dwindle Deck. For $50 there are better things way better things out there. If you can get one of these decks for sale and you really REALLY need a deck then go ahead. I wouldn’t say these would be the best boards for starting, but it doesn’t really matter when your starting out. If you really don’t care some Dwindle decks are around $30 so just buy them in bulk if you decide to buy them, or if you really like the graphic go ahead.

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