Couples Therapy?

I’d like to see my relationship with skateboarding somewhat as the relationship you would have with a girlfriend/wife. Skateboarding can make me the happiest man on earth but it can make me fucking miserable, and make me rip hair out. skateboard cityThen again misery is needed in order to appreciate the good moments. For example, when I am battling a trick for hours I feel like I am becoming completely insane; I am tired, I am hurting from eating shit, and I feel like quitting. If I land the trick at the end of the session, I seriously go ballistic, it’s definitely the best feeling ever. Sometimes though, not everything goes as well.

We’ve all had those few weeks in which we can’t land shit and start to lose motivation, or when we just aren’t progressing and we feel like quitting. This is something a skateboarder has to go through, kind of like in a relationship with that special someone. There are always those days in which your girlfriend just can’t stop bitching and she is making your life a living hell, and even though you want to just dump her you know you won’t since you love her,and when you patch things up life suddenly becomes great again.

I am no relationship expert so I can’t really give you advise about relationships, but I could help you out by giving you some ways to maybe make you motivated to skate.

Three years a go I used to be super into stairs and gaps, that’s all I skated and don’t get me wrong I loved it, but I was just burnt down of hucking my self down shit every day. It just didn’t feel fun anymore and I wasn’t progressing that much since I was just burnt out and not feeling like skating. This went on for like 2 or 3 months. skateboard city Looking for some help I came to the always wise SBC members, and the responses I got were basically to just loosen up, try new shit, and have fun with it. Suddenly I found my self skating banks and tranny and looking at spots from a different perspective.

Sure, maybe transition and no comply’s may not be your thing, but maybe you haven’t really skated a manny pad in a while or maybe you haven’t been hucking down sets lately. Just get out of your element, try to skate everything, there is too much shit to skate and so many ways to skate it, so we better take advantage of it. skateboard cityThe most important thing here is to HAVE FUN! That’s what it’s all about if you are not having fun then you better just quit. You don’t really need to be landing super awesome shit all the time, maybe go out and do some slappies or just go out for a cruise down he street and just hit everything in the way, just cruising.

I guess I decided to write this post because I’m sort of feeling bummed on skating right now, but mainly because I see so many kids taking skating so seriously. The point of skateboarding is that it doesn’t have to be serious, that’s what separates us from a lot of the other sports.

Anyways, enough rambling, I’ll leave you with some video parts that really just make me go out and goof off and have fun while skating. Enjoy and Have Fun!